Zhan Huang responded to the conflict with the piston, "accepted the expeltion, not accepting the ban, hitting the other party is an accident."

On November 25th, after the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James talked about conflict with the Stewart, which was his first positive response after https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
the incident.

James still believes that he hits the movement of Stewold’s face is an accident. It is not intentional, and he doesn’t understand that he is banned. At the answer of the reporter, James also recalled the instant of the bodies of https://www.nbatrikots4.com the two. At that time, he tried to bypass each other. The two people lost their balance, so they were inadvertently hit Sturt, and this is also his very fast. Apologize.

James also said that he was deeply frustrated after I learned that I was banned, and I was very eager to play. He is also playing with such emotions today. In his view, it was expelled to upgrade the conflict of conflict at that time, it was a reasonable penalty, but he considered unreasonable.

In addition, he also said that it has not been in contact with Stewart so far, and the two have no ditch.https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com

The previous reports, and those who know that James has been looking for the mobile phone number of Stewart after the incident. I hope that I am really not intentional and apologize. It seems that this is not a matter of understanding.

As a two-party parties, the clinics given by the Alliance are also very strict, James is banned, causing him to play in the game with the New York Knicks, and Stewart is directly banned.