Yangji Terminal Seasonal game to win the ball to New York into the new York

Sanchez celebrates the home base hit in the second game

Sanchez celebrates the home base hit in the second game

The 2nd World War of the United States of Federation, the New York Yangji Hotel defeated the enemy Boston socks. This game is extremely significant for Yangji. They ended the two 5-winning streak in the history of the playoffs: The first is the https://www.fanartikelsportde.com end of the subsequent game 5 games, the second is the end of the playoffs for Boston’s red socks.

The 5th after the Jiji Season will be lost, which is started from the 2017 season. New York Yangji’s 1st warfield in the United States, 1 to 2 lost to Houston space, and became the opening of the game 5 games in the playoffs. That round series has a total of 7 games, and the 4 battles are all lost, and eventually no world contest. This season, the 1st battle of the United Jehrenong division of the red socks, Yangji also ate the defeat, 4 to 5, no enemy opponents, plus it together, https://www.maillotsenligne.com just 5 games.

They won’t win in the last source of the 2017 season, the 5th battle of the United Jereeli partition, and the 5-12 to win the Great Cleveland Indians. Terminate this record and give a confidence in the essence of the basic seasonal game.

Yangji defeated the Boston Red Socks Season 5 losed, then from the 4th War of the 2004 US Federation, the Yangji has already got a series of race, but the passenger is over the time of the overtime office. Socks. Combining, Yangji is connected to 3 games in that round, 3 to 4 were eliminated by Boston. That round series can be said to be the most sad round of the history of Yangji seasons, and they have sent the elimination of their red socks and finally took the world contest.

At that time, the four games were combined with the failure of the 1st battle of the Menna https://www.b2bshopp.com District of the Season, and the playoffs lost to the red hose 5. The last time in the playoffs, it was the 3rd battle of the heartache series in 2004, Yangji 19 is more and more red socks. It can be said that the end of this record is like giving a strong intensive agent, completely cleaning up the psychological shadow of red socks.

This round of series, the 3rd battle, the 4th war will move the main family, if the Yangji can connect two home, then they will eliminate the enemy red socks in this round of 5 games.