Yang Kieler Mei Remote: The plain defensive expert force Pressure Madi MVP into all-star first hair

With the Yangji teenager Grayber Torres, he entered the 2019 All-Star Messian team, which means that the New York Yangqua team, which is full of injuries, still has four all-star competitions this year, except Sanchez,In addition to the three old people of Chapman and Torres, the fourth person is a player who just joined the team this year and the opening season is only used as a field of field tools.

This Jun is three gold gloveddrons winner DJ Le Mei break, he uses the top blow to express force in front of the United States MVP Jose – Otti occupies the first-class https://www.trikotskaufenn.com lead position of the United States, About Le Mei Yu’s career What kind of song history? How did he joined Yangji? Here is the story about Lemeu:

Tour in all walks, I have been angry because I have two bases.

David John Le Mei Hugh is born in California, and when he moved to Michigan. Due to the 15-year-old height, the high school period Le Mei took the baseball and basketball two sports, the Coach of the Les Brothers Brothers Brothers Brinet Sky evaluates your love will: “Le Mei break is always full of enthusiasm.” Indeamentally, Le Mei is in the basketball court with a white player, and he will bring such a competition to the baseball field, high four This year he completed nearly 60% of the hits, then went to the South Louisiana (LSU) to continue the baseball career.

Today, the LSU Baseball Team coach Paul https://www.fanstore2.com
– Menieri will also take the tone of the tone. Can Le Mei Hugh: “Do you still hate me now?” The reason is that the Germany is effective LSU’s large three seasons, that is, 2009, Menieri decided to adjust the Le Mei break in the front two years before the guerrillas, and let the guards of the preparation of larger Austin-Nora (current Temple City Alon, Nora’s brother) As a guerrilla, this makes the young Le Mei embarrassing, “I feel betrayed.”

Although it is unwilling, according to Menieri, Le Mei is adapted to the second base for 15 minutes, and Menieri believes that “I am not sure Le Mei is in the big alliance.” Keck, but I am sure that he will definitely keep the second base. “

Menieri is inexplicable! The big three Sino-Le Mei is adapted to the second base, and 12 amps in the 2009 NCAA World Competition series. https://www.fanartikelsportde.com Just a few months of changing the location, the Chicago Winnabo team used a subtrew to Leme Repair.

Empty one meter nine high, but the wind is flat

In a lot of teammates, Le Mei is a quite boring guy. When the teammates laugh in the bench or the locker room, the Le Mei Yu seems to have a tie in the teammates, and his life is like this. Sitting, so that his baseball style is simply followed by textbooks, lacking sparks of flashing.

In the couch farm system, the Mermele has maintained a high hit rate, the high-level performance performance in the small alliance events at all levels, but the fatal weakness of Le Mei is in his hit characteristics and I don’t allow him to hit the long, and some people have been saying to him: “You can’t do it, you are too high, you can’t win the defensive defense.” Looking at the same https://www.mlbboutique2.com age Dominica genius Stalin – Castro Sitting on the bear The guerrilla position, the five flavors of Lemeu in the heart.

At the end of 2011, the bear team ushered in the next few years, will lead the team to resolve the team in a series of deals and signed managers – Chairman Cixio Apsteine, you will take any month after you will take any month. The Le Mei Hugh sent to Coloradolki as a chip, and only the first round of the first round of the first round of Kathy-Whase, the 2011 hit rate. 156 Ian Stewart.

After experiencing a slightly shameful transaction, the 23-year-old Le Mei Hui is still starting from the Lokki Xiaolian, until May 2012, wild tools Jonathan – Erela injured, Le Mei breaks to board the big alliance, five At the end of the month, the Tuovitzi is injured, and then the Rocky trading sent away the old horse – Skuto, the history promoted the La Mei to sit in the Romiki two bases, in 2013, Le Mei Yu returned to the big After the league, Le Mei Hugh and Turovitzki form a two-game combination of the large-all-round height of the height of one meter, which in this year, although Lemeng is very limited in the offensive end, but he is 474 times There were only 3 mistakes in the offshore opportunity, and many experts have been seen as the strongest second base of the National Day.

In 2014, the first full-time season of Le Mei Hugh, compared to weak offensive, Le Mei break is more like a pure defensive master, the offshore success rate of all seasons reaches 99.2% of the horror, only 6 mistakes, FANGRAPHS The defensive performance value of the website is 7.5 and the victory contribution value 9.5 is the highest base of the national union, so Le Mei will win the first golden glove of his career. In 2017 and 2018, the wind is more calm Le Mei Recreation, even if it is unable to get the year of the Golden Gloves Award, Le Mei Hui has always controlled his own error figures, let it Never reached two digits, while the crucial success rate was maintained at 99%.

Le Mei is a quite boring guy, which is also concentrated in his criticism. When you open Le Mei’s critical video collection, how many disappointments will be disappointed, the three gold gloves are not too gorgeous. The beautiful skill show, this is not fake, in fact, the Le Mei is a high height, he can’t pass the ball like a small player, but the Le Mei is invested for abnormal focus on the game. He has a top pre-judgment. When the ball rolled into the second base area, the Mei Mei Hai has already positioned ready to complete the defense. In addition, the height of one mete is jumped or inverted, and can get a bigger preparation range, and Le Mei From the second base to the premievance of the housing assassination, like the three points of Stephen-Curry.

In summary, many black defensivers depend on the big alliance relied talent and agility, but Lemeu resisted is pre-judgment, scope and basic skills, of course, there is also an agility of its high body.

Let’s talk about the attack, the 2014 season, Le Mei break became the first season of full-time, but the 149 games contributed the 5th era playing and 25 pens, “Bearer Paradise” Kurs Stadium is more highly highressred. The poor growing in the plummete. In 2015, Jile Mei Huan will increase the number of beats to 170, and the hits exceeds 30%, and the career is in the whole star. The 2016 season hits the 192 security hits, the first home base is recorded by two digits, hits the rate. 348 became the National United The fight against the king, the hitting rate (BABIP value) hits the ball (Babip value). 388.

LeMay also be able to break 2017 season batting average remained at three percent, and hit the ball into the venue of the rate of .383 for three consecutive years BABIP value leader in the big leagues, after years of training, LeMay became a break batting master in an absolute sense, against stick times came to symbolize the core of hitters https://www.mlbdrakterno.com from the eighth bar of the second bar early career, but six seasons as a starter only to hit a quarterly average 7.8 and 37.2 long boom hit, it is difficult to imagine an All-star hitters to hand over the data.

While LeMay Hugh has a 193 cm, but in order to maintain the agility of the garrison, he has controlled the weight of 100 kg, combined with his batting style of play rather than strong emphasis push pull back, which often is difficult to determine LeMay off strike a long fight. Rocky former head coach Walter – Weiss believes LeMay Hugh has pushed vulgarity hit the ball with accuracy and ability, but also LeMay off the ball even hit the ball in the opposite direction at a deep angle Jin Lei, and LeMay Hugh almost no grip baton will be able to stay productive bat in contact.

Just his career batting angle 4.4 degrees, well below the major league average (11.1), but https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com batting average muzzle velocity of 90.2 miles is still able to help him out a lot of hits in level flight, and in the face of the brightest kind of ball , the straight ball, two sutures, changeup, Carter hit the ball higher than the rate of three percent, sliders and curve balls reached .261 batting average and .282, as if Flamel Hugh blow from a baseball complex are textbooks moment comes, there is no flaw at all.

While the batting master, fielding spree in full Sanxun, continued to maintain the peak of his career, this time choose to leave off Lemay Colorado Plateau, joined the New York Yankees.

Rocky dissatisfaction Management Group, LeMay off to join the Evil Empire

This spring, Rockies 3 wins and 12 losses to start the season, which caught the team’s most sluggish start in 27 years, coach Bud – Blake made a series of adjustments trying to Rocky back on https://www.maillotspascherfr.com track: Adjust the fight sequence, the first replacement rotating hair, long known as a genius on the farm.

Second base position, Daniel just joined this season – Murphy became a full-time first baseman, Ryan Blake used to try – McMahon, Garrett – Hampson and large farms were Brandon – Rogers act in place of second base, the results of three young men are difficult to continue firepower, not to mention the garrison. Rocky veteran Mark – Reynolds bluntly: “We are very miss DJ.”

Why LeMay Hugh did not renew it with Rocky? LeMay off just spent a “rookie contract bonus period”, will seek a big contract, but for Rocky this small market team, they are very hesitant to give LeMay off a big contract. Late last year, Executive Vice President Jeff Rocky – Bristol Mladic will target the elderly Bile Mei-year-old Hugh, just within the veteran infielder Daniel knee injury recovery – Murphy, Murphy will appear with the sign Hugh next https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Bile Mei low-cost contract, and in accordance with the idea of ??Bristol Mladic, “we have a lot of players can theoretically keep second base.”

Then two years 24 million to sign Murphy (including third-year contract option), this is not a cheap contract, knowing it difficult to stay in the Rocky LeMay off only continue to negotiate contracts with other teams. Houle Mei three weeks off with the Yankees signed two years 24 million is what Jan Kitimat new supply contract Flamel Hugh, Hugh Lemay with a move to the Rocky management of a slap in the face.

But LeMay Hugh joined the Yankees same bit angry constituents, even people feel difficult to understand, last year’s American League Rookie of the Year voting Third, Venezuela guy Graber – Torres is untouchable Yankee second baseman, Flamel off almost immediately Torres can not shake the position, and LeMay Hugh can serve as a shortstop and third baseman two positions, the Yankees have a new spiritual leader Didier – Greg Darius last year and the first American League rookie of the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com year voting Dominica guy Miguel II – Andujar, LeMay off it is difficult to compete with this duo, compared to only fielding off Lemay advantage at all. In addition Before signing off Lemay, two tours old partner Tulowitzki Rocky same period and signed a short about Yankee, Yankee infield overcrowded, do LeMay came off just looking for a Bronx infield defense tool’s job?

Such doubts soon dispelled when Tommy https://www.maillotsenligne.com was still open season Didi – John surgery recovery, open season less than a week Tulowitzki pulled a hamstring, ten 后安杜哈尔 shoulder injuries, Uchino severe shortage of Lemay Hugh back to the familiar second base, third base and support needs. Perhaps playing opportunities hard to come by, which inspired LeMay blow off peak performance, Yankee Stadium shortsighted right fielder also given off Flamel pushed opportunity to play opposite direction, H-5 May 17 RBIs just a small test chopper, June LeMay off nearly 40% hit rate, 6 H-29 RBIs, including one with the Red Sox in London, England on race, LeMay off two wars hit seven hits and 7 RBI, Yankee fans Flamel also donated the rest to a new nickname “machine (LeMachine)”.

Goodbye May against the Mariners hit off a strike LeMay said: “Now I feel very comfortable, just see the https://www.fanbutikk.com ball in the right position, swing attack.”

So far this season in 80 games, batting .336 off Lemay (AP first), .383 on-base percentage (AP 7), slugging percentage .518 (a career high), the offensive performance value of 18.4 (AP 7 ), and more than half of the season he has hit 12 home runs and 63 RBIs hair, will certainly yield a substantial refresh his career record. The defensive part, there have been four turnovers While guarding third base, but second base is almost complete bi guarding the body. According to Win Shares FanGraphs site, LeMay Hugh 3.4 (AP 6), offensive and defensive all-round performance to let off Lemay was named to the AL All-Star team’s starting lineup.

Yankee head coach Aaron – Aaron Boone for Flamel Hugh ambition have a fairly vivid description: “LeMay Hugh desire to win, just like to put out https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the opponent’s heart.”

Cleveland All-Star Game, LeMay off for the first time on behalf of the United States and United appearances, while Saturday is the 31st birthday of Hugh LeMay, an All-Star Game MVP trophy as a present for his birthday, why not?