Woger is unclear to the Lakers? I changed 10 sets of starting lineups, I don’t give Howard opportunities.

If you want to ask where the team’s performance is most unexpected, I believe that the answer https://www.nbatrikots4.com to many people will be the Lakers! After all, before the start of the season, the voice of the Lakers was very high. Their team had seven people who have been elected to all stars, and they are considered one of the most popular teams. In terms of paper strength, the Lakers can say that the existence of a single file in the west.

However, 20 games were played down, and the Lakers only achieved https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com 10 wins and 10 negative records, ranked 10 in the west, which is relatively relaxed in the Lakers season, and makes people fall.

It is made up of many factors in the predicament of the Lakers! First of all, the problem of injury. Since the season, the Lakers have not yet ushered in the completion of the body, Aliza and Narn have been greeted by the injury, not usher in the season’s first show; James is absent from 11 games this season; Elington and Tuck also lack many games.

In addition to the problem of injury, the Lakers coach Walgel’s troops were equally affected. In the season, the Lakers has already used 10 sets of different starting lineups. The injuries are one of the reasons, but Woger thinks is not clear, and the dynasty is also unable to argue.

At the beginning of the season, Walgel used Xiao https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Jordan + thickbrows of the double tower array, but Xiao Qiao Dan deficient ended often dropped the chain, changed the defense and protective baskets that could not be taken into account. effect. So Walle has begun to try the five small lineup of the 5th, but the effect is not ideal, and the lake has been exploded in many games in many games!

Recently, Wogel has changed again, and Xiao Jordan returned to the start of lineup! Many people are very disgraceful, Mingming Xiaojord is not good, and the offensive end does not have independent attack skills. The defensive end is not good, even the effort is worthy of doubt, why did Woger try to make Howard beaten? ? You must know how to win the championship of the Lakers last year, the spirit, the contribution, the law, the attitude, and he is more suitable for the first time than https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Xiao Jordan, and Huo Master is now three points.

The coach craftsmanship can’t play the head of the self, the shortcoming of the enemy will inevitably affect the team’s record, which will affect the unity of the dressing room. Howard has a conflict with the strong eyebrows, it is enough to see the problem now!

Recently, Howard also talked about his situation this season when he accepted the “GQ” magazine. Howard said: “After I was traded again, about me is a story of locked toxicoma, starting to circulate, seems to have some stories to reduce my value. Because I never responded to these rumors, so people believe it It. But when I really respond to these things, it will be a double loss situation. Look at the data I last season, if I have 20-25 minutes every night, I can grab more than 17 rebounds. Value shows that https://www.nbatrikots4.com the Saihu team will pay less than 400% of the salary. “

At the 2019-20 Lakers winning season, Howard has completed redemption, and he did all the dirty lives of the team! However, the Lakers did not give Howard enough respect, even if the basic salary is not willing to give him this year, how to return to the Lakers this year is a wrong decision. From the beginning of the young eyebrows, he has been abandoned by the team. NS.

This season Howard is only 13.4 minutes, the career is low, the contribution will contribute 5.1 points 4.9 rebounds, and a first is not hit, no matter how good the state is good, Woger is absolutely used.

If the Lakers will let Howrand started from the season, will it face today? Who knows!