Who will you be more popular in the super bowl? Emirates 赔 胜 筹

With the 49 people in Kansas City, 49 people stand out in the superb bowl in their respective alliances, this year’s most grand sports event preheat is also open. In addition to all fans’ most expectations, the super bowl is also the most fanatical festival of all gamblers.

So in the “double red conference” of the Chief and 49 people, who is more optimistic? From the top of the current big gaming company, the chief is slightly leading. Most of the openings of this game is the opening of the chief to make about 1 point. This belongs to the gap in the last suyebly displacement, because there is no more than one super bowl in the past, and only 4 discs are within 2 points, and the chief of the axiate and 49 people. Undoubtedly the fifth time.

The famous Caesar Sports Gaming Company opened a dish of 1.5 points in the Sunday Division Championship, and the result was received by many 49 people. “In our strength list, the chief is to be a little higher.” Caesar Sports Gaming Company Senior analyst Allen – Berg said, “Of course, you can find the reason for any team, and we also I hope to get a publicly equally bet. “

Another betting company William Hill said they received a $ 330,000 to support the chief betting. The Weste Gamed Gaming Company in Las Vegas said that 70% of the bets are support for chiefs.

In fact, from the beginning of the season, they are one of the superbals. However, the Emirates this season is not smooth, they overcome the short-term injuries in the middle of the season, and the short injuries of the quarteric-Mahomus, and completed two reversal in the US semi-finals and finals. Texas and Titan, 50 years later to enter the super bowl again.

And 49 people were only considered to be a union in the season. At the time they had only one pay 40, however, they were in the leader of Shao Shuai Salunhan, and in the national contest. The 37-20 force enemy packwork enters the super bowl.

This super bowl will hold on February 3, Beijing, in Miami’s hard stone stadium, and the chief may be able to win a little “advantage” from the gaming company’s mouth, because in the past 53 super bowl competition, the transferred team has 34 won the final champion. What is the final result, I have to wait until the Miami’s stadium.