Where will this 5 big fish in the free market? Ram general or will

As early as March, some people noted a few “big fish” in the free player market, still in Tangli, but at that time, all teams were busy, summarizing the physical measurement data, and went to school career day, even Arrange trials; so a half months passed, these first-class or even free players still unattended. Nowadays, it is a good time to discuss these players, because the new wave of free market Taobao is going to start; there are more problems with these players, so that many teams will look at the free market in March. It may be after a period of cooling period, these players also seem to be adjusted.

Why will another signing small peak in the next few days? Because Beijing time after May 8, the signing of the team will not affect the future compensation draft. In March, the top players are in the market. The team naturally will not consider this problem; but with this point in approach, the small calculation of each team is still playing, after all, a three-four round compensation Dictionary right is the important construction capital of the team! Moreover, there are still some good players on the free player market to choose from, and 5 of them are listed, and the possible footholds in the future are predicted. (Note: Ranking is no longer divided)

1, Jay-Ajai (Runaway) predicts belonging: Atlantian Falc

Said Aji is a top running guard. I am afraid that most fans will be nasal; but if he is a first-class running guard, there will be many people will recognize this view. The five-year show selected by the Dolphin team in 2015, in 2016, I realized a “two-night famous name”. In the 6th week of the Dolphus, the array of steel teams and the 7th week of the Ball team, Ajai completed the 204-yard 2-time Dali and 214 yards and 1 time of the anti-sky performance; becoming the history of the league Four people do “back to back 200 yards” running guards, a time to say a lot of noise. In 2017, the dolphine team sent him to the Eagle team in the medium season, and he followed the Eagle to the super bowl of championship, and became the team’s blessing.

However, Ajai’s biggest problem is his injury. I only played four games last season. He used the former cross ligament torn injury to the wagment of the war; and the Eagle is also subject to the risk of running guards in a whole season, and the state is undulating. Not long ago, they traded to the front of the bear, who was running to Jordan – Howard, which showed that the team had ironed a heart to give up Aji.

On the other hand, the Falcon is lost their main running Wendeen – Coleman in the free market; Disease season reimbursement. Although Ito Smith is also an running guard, the level of the main rotation is gap. Therefore, the team may introduce Aji to the combination of running guards, although Ajai is not like Coleman, but his strong power may make the team’s offense. Effect. This is also the change that the team may be willing to see after replacing the new offense coordinator.

2, Michael Clagoti (external walking) predicting belongs: Green Bay packaging team

If you are a 49 people’s fans in 2013, you will remember the most trusted outer joke around the card; the first 49 people who are called “crab trees” by domestic fans Take a job in the order, it is now facing the problem of finding work. Although compared to the past two thousand code seasons can not be symainable in the same day, Kraport is still able to take out 607 yards of the number of ball codes and excellent data of 3 game reachables during the last season. . Don’t forget, the offense of the crow last season belongs to “non-typical attack”. However, this level is invested in the expectation of the crow team. Although the early Clabotri in Jean 2018 signed a 3-year $ 21 million contract, it was a year after a year, it would choose to cut him.

In fact, look at the free player market in March, and Clabati belongs to the first-class candidate in the external hand. But unexpected is that there is no team to sign him. Perhaps no team thinks that a 32-year-old 32-year-old person that can only pick up 600 yards will be worth 7 million contracts. If the same appearance will take a five-way new show, he can make a different result.

However, there is still a team that needs to be supplemented by the team, such as the Green Bay packaging team. The management of the packaging team this season is a counter-state, and frequently sells frequently in the free player market, supplemented a number of defensive generals; at the same time, many defensive new stars have also been selected in the election conference. However, when the super star quarter-point Wei Alon Rogers returned to the team training camp, it was found that there were more familiar names that were unbearable. Can not pick up the lecture of the ball. If they add Clabartri, at least this old will receive a guiding role in multiple newcomers of the team; and there are many courses in Kraport.

3, Yizil-Ansa (defensive end) predicting belonging: Buffalo

From talent and ability, Ansa is definitely a first-class rushing ability; but his “glass people” attribute is really unable to let which team is willing to open a long-term contract. However, if a player is a representative of the “contractual year outbreak”, Andas can absolutely be able to row to the previous few. In 2013, the first round of the first round was selected by the Lion Team, Andama was in the first two seasons in the first two seasons. In 2015, that is, the third year of his rookie contract, Ansa ushered in his career outbreak, 14.5 times To kill, 4 times to make the trepidation, let him be among the stage of professional bowls. The lion team immediately announced his first new show contract, and the brother, the brother died in 2016, and 13 games were only harvested 2 times, so that the general manager of the lion was repentant.

2017 contract year, Ansar again rejuvenate, 12 sacks remarkable performance; however, this has not taken the team, in 2018 the direct use franchise tag to sign him, but also because of injury problems only Ansar 7 games played, 4 sacks harvest it. Lions introduction of the new season Terre – after Flores, also doomed him to sign and return.

From the position demands, Bills pass rush is not the urgent need to strengthen that team; they have reason to rush the passer to the first-class Buffalo. If the Ansar played well, he can be on the outside and Jerry – Hughes form a double threat, so that the inside of rookie defensive tackle Oliver ED- more opportunities; and after the window period of nearly two months later, Ansar team is also clearly present to ask for a long-term big contract is unrealistic; they may only need a one-year contract, so that the former first-round pick in the fifth star to prove it, but the ups and downs in accordance with Ansar inertia, he’s great to be able to sign in the future the possibility of a large glass slide-year contract.

4, Enda Mu hole – Su (defensive tackle) attributable forecast: Indianapolis Colts

The five players, the Soviet Union is the highest draft pick as the 2010 second place show, the 5th Pro Bowl, 3-time All-NBA player in terms of a burst, the Soviet Union is definitely part of the league’s top defensive tackles List. Although a long time, his aggressive defensive action too, that some “dirty” defensive habits so that he was dubbed the title of “Su violence”; however, undisputed that the Soviet Union is indeed a capable defensive front inside an enormous destructive power and influence of the players.

However, such a player has failed to find a suitable home for the next three months. This may be with his team about the salary demands too high, you know, but with the Dolphins in 2015 a six-year 114 million big contract will take him away, where security payments will be up to $ 60 million. Even with the Rams last season, signed a one-year contract, the Soviet Union is as high as 14 million contract amount. If so, he should seek a long-term contract, then at least his team should be comparable to 2015 Dolphins contract for salary expectation.

Although the Soviet demand for higher contract value, but one thing is undeniable, he was such a strong defensive front line players inside the team is definitely a need. For now, have plenty of cap space to be able to withstand the Soviet Union team in the contract, it is in the lead position of the Colts. Colts before the free market has opened more than 100 million of cap space, but what is surprising is that they have not been big players in the free market supplement; so now they are still more than 50 million salary-cap space for a league-high. The key is to just under a labor contract period from one year’s time, when part of the way the team will benefit less than 87% of the salary paid to players within the validity period, the Colts so they can use the money to sign the Soviet Union, and not in vain boondoggle.

Interestingly, you think the Soviet Union fell to second place as a point that has been bad enough yet? Not! 2010 beat the Soviet Union to become violent who champion it? Sam – Bradford! For now, the former champion + Heisman winner still nobody cares.

5, Eric – Berry (security guard) attributable forecast: Cleveland Browns

This year’s free agent market, the most popular location is not the quarterback, not a red setter, but a security guard. Several of the league’s top security guard have changed, but so, Earl – Thomas, Terrence – Matthew, ha ha – Clinton Dix …… which along with Matthew to join the Chiefs are not a surprise to cut the team’s second-line defense top generals Eric – Berry. Whether it is in the spiritual level or ability, Berry for positive role in encouraging Chiefs are second to none; however, it is because the Chiefs for the future to leave enough enough cap space to renew several offensive group of generals, so reluctantly forced abolition of Berry.

Berry and the Soviet Union the same year to enter the NFL, he was selected in the first round of the 2010 fifth overall Chiefs in Kansas City is a nine-year war. Pro Bowl five times, three times the year’s best team while he was confirmed the strength, and he also got a 2015 comeback award. However, the court with his rock solid defense is very tough corresponding under his field; in 2014 at the end of six games, Berry began his treatment of lymphoma, his miraculous return to the game after a year , has also been a lot of fans relish.

Although the Chiefs laid off Bailey, but he still has a very broad market, such as the extraordinary talent join another team – the Cleveland Browns. And the Browns have more reason to sign Berry: first, team general manager John – Dorsey and Berry are old acquaintances, Dorsey Chiefs when the manager when he get along with Berry for many years; second, Brown Beckham’s team away in the main transaction security guard last season peipers, before they chase former Seahawks general Thomas unsuccessful, they are desperate enough to appear in the security guard position; third, they have enough funds and cap space to contributing to this contract, do not forget to Mayfield quarterback during the team is still in his rookie contract, who can guarantee that the Browns will not be copied Rams experience? To sum up, the Browns Berry is a reasonable combination.

Of course, in addition to the five men as well as Jamie – Collins, Maurice – Claiborne, Corey – Liu Gheit and other powerful Titans; in short within the next few days, the change in the free market might look for this It may bring a little bit like a dull surprise.