Where is the winemaker win? The latter help pitcher is open to the end of the three vibration gate

On October 13, Beijing, the first game of the MLB National Union Championship. The host of https://www.mlbtrikot4.com the host of Niu Yinyi has a key to the winners of the wineman, who is behind the aid pitcher Woodrof, knocking out the homes, and contributes two three-three shorters of wonderful preparation. Commentary of the guest Zhao Youzhaorgian Championships may hit the seventh game, and the winners will see who the pitcher is more, more reliable.

Machado is shot and cannon

Gio-Gonzalez arranged the first bureau to be a first-hand pitcher, Zhao You, introduced this for the first time in the playoffs, Gonzalez succeeded Zi Zixi Kris Taylor and ground roll Ball seal Justin Turner, killed David Fritz high-speed ball completed three three three times, Zhao Youarted this game like an international chess game, the two head coaches get a good brand only a card.

Zhao You further relieved that there was a good advantage of the pitcher group, https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com but the latter half of the cow shed was compared to suffering, and the situation of cow and silver supplements the winemaker was just the opposite. Cordon Kok 4 was launched by the first half of the first bureau, Kellenzo-Kane knocked out of the attack and using the Granadar defensive mistake to advance to the second base, but Christian-Yeliqi was Strip.

Ryan Braun is also pressed by Ke Xiao, and Hessus-Aguilar is knocking out of the ground. Manny Macado brought out of the 2nd game to help Dodge lead to 1-0, Niu Yin Yu introduced this is his third bomber in the playoff, Zhao You ridiculed the tradition of the Dodicate Canada. Machado This ball knocked out of the elevation angle and shot directly flying the homes.

Woodrf Yangchun Wills

Enrique – Ernande is immediately sent to the four bad balls, Zhao You talks and Dodge https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Although the hits are not high but the ball is strong, the four-bad balls are more likely to form a series. Cody-Beilinji highlights almost formed home running, let Gonzalez shocked around, but Asman-Granada hit the effect, it was blocked, and it did not continue to follow.

The second bureau is half-Ernan-Peret is not solid to hit by Ke Xiaozi, and Zhao You lives that there is at least numbness in danger. Mike Musakas knockborn balls to move the anti-cloth quarter, good in Manny Picture, the first ball hit to form the landing place, then Orlando – Regia hit the inner wild rolling earth, winemaker Suspension, regret, left a residue.

The winemaker is in the first half of the 3rd game to replace the Brandon Wood Ruf, through the blocking of Kezhuang, and kills Taylor high ball, and then tripitter. The third place, the lower https://www.mlbboutique2.com half Woodrv burst out the Chinese and foreign wild spring guns to help winemakers Chasing 1-1, Niu Yin Hao is surprised to say that this is the script, Zhao You praised cattle pitcher actually played in front of Khawang Putting the horn.

Dodge-deficient mistakes and half-games

The third bureau is half Lorenzo-Kane knock out of the security and Ye Liqi by the four bad balls, and the winemaker is in the formation of a second base, but it is a pity that Lien Braun is solved, but thanks to Granadar The captive mistakes have been promoted to the second or three bases, and the Perez flying sacrifice against super Laoqi to 2-1, but Musticas was vibrated by Ke Xiao, so that the brewer left two or three bases. .

Dodge arranged in the fourth game to arrange Max-Mangsi Deni Fritz debut, but Wood Ruf was three consecutive vibrations, https://www.maillotsenligne.com Machado and Matt-Camp. The brewer is in the second half of the fourth place, Pienia is guaranteed by the four bad balls in Pienia, and the Asia knocked out the use of Taylor defense mistakes to advance to the second or three bases. A large half.

With Domingo-Santana, the wineman is tapping to the landing place and then connects 2 minutes to 4-1. Dodge is forced to invest in the second half of the 4th game forced to invest Rui’an – Madenson’s succession, Zhao You’s straightback 3 points gap is not a gram Xiao’s fault, in fact, Taylor and Granadar defensive mistakes are also very large. Braun ran back to Santana in the field, let the winemaker 1 to 5-1.

Kane contributes high Andrid rate for winemaker

The winemaker replaced the pitcher in the 5th game, Josh Black, is introduced by Zhao You, and is a super fast ball and https://www.fanbutikk.com proportion. As a result, he sects Zhen Ernades and Granadal and kills Berlinji high-speed ball. Niu Yinxia is amazed. This is the fastest three-last half of the Some. Dodge selection in the second half of the 5th game, Dylan Flot, Zhao You introduced 29 self-blanking rates only 1.63.

Perez was knocked out in Musakas, and the winemaker was put on the ground, and the wineman was sent to the four-pointed ball to form a second base, but the Agia rolling ball was left out of the game. . Head was knocked out in Taylor in the 6th game, so in the Sanzhen Turner and Mangxi Guardian success, Zhao Younue comes to Huide’s three-ball Sanzhen Daoqi’s most striking experience, Turner’s big glion, cow silver Review the winemaker and the aid pitcher Wood Rou and Blackde, and join hands to send eight three times but only beat a passion.

Dodge https://www.trikotskaufenn.com selection in the second half of the 6th game, I would like to change Pedro – Bayz, three vibrant Black de, but they were knocked out of the second base for Kane, and Niu Yinyi introduced Kane at this game contributing to the high Andrid rate. Four combats were sent out of two and one base playback and a second base. Unfortunately, Ye Liqi was completely suppressed by Ba Zhenzu, Zhao You said that Dodge was very transparent to Yeliqi hit, but unfortunately, Braun also left a residue in Sanzhen.

The winemaker is full of work.

Manny Macido knocked on the 7th game and was killed, and Zhao Younou commented that the player had patience, master the ball area tried to let the winemaker pitched the trap of the player. Dodge was hit by Camp knocking out, but Berinja highlights were killed. Dodge replaced the pitcher in the second https://www.mlbtrojerse.com half of the 7th Council, Holio-Ulia, Zhao You revealed that the player was hoped by the coach.

Aguilar bangs out of the spring gun to make winemakers to expand to 6-1, Tel Avis – Xiao is knocking out to play the first base, Niu Yinxu is not the most important Question, Zhao You is optimistic about this Left pitcher has taken the future in the future. Ulias is not expensive to kill Mustas high-speed balls, and successively solve the dumplings and Assians.

The winemaker selection in the 8th game, in the middle of the 8th game, it is not yet hitting the ground by Granadal, and is played out of the wild, it is better to kill Gran. Dar is replaced by replacement of Aquim – Soria. Taylor strike forms a series of security to welcome the first and seconders, Zhao Youyi said that it is necessary to increase the score, follow-up https://www.fanstore2.com
to play only by home.

Zhao Youjun Tenner faced 0 good 2 badly played between the shares, but unfortunately by the Solia Senui outgoing bureau. https://www.fanartikelsportde.com Dodge uses Mangsi by the four bad balls to form a full-backed situation, forcing the winemaker, active replacement, Tie Pitcher Jeremy Jeffreis. Manny Mathado knocked out of the safety to help push 2 points, Dodge, with Camp knocking out of the series, and then tied to nearly 4-6.

Knebell’s goodbye to the Sanzhen lock win

Zhao You said that it was really worth it to bought Manni Mado, but the Ashier Puig was taken by Jefris, so that Dao Qi left the residual base failed to continue. After the second half of the 8th game, he chose to change the front of the Tianjian. After the San Zhen was playing Erick Clais, because the Turner’s ball is off, Keyne is getting up, so it is better to suppress Yeli, knocking out the ground. Double kills.

The winemaker is in the 9th game, and the Knebell, which was originally tried by https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Bayinjie, which was taken by Beilinjan. However, the challenge of Eagle is displayed in front of the front. After the San Zhen out of the game, Pederson was sent to the base of the four bad balls. Taylor knocked out the high-speed ball because Kane took the ball and rushed to the top three bases.

Dodge Because Justin Turner is 2 good 2 bad, the Nnebell, and then he sees the three vibrations. Niu Yinyi’s reappear game is commented on the key to winner, in the support of Wood Ruf, in the face of Ke Xiao, and contributes two three-three lower half of the wonderful preparation. Zhao You Pre-Zhenggang Federation Championship may hit the seventh game, and the winning and loss trend will see who the pitcher is more, more reliable.