What is the reason why the bears are lost? Epic’s outer card is the epitome of retreat

As Almora was San Zhen in the short half of the 13 bureau, the bear team 1-2 lost the outer cassette, and the trip of the season was also ended.

At the end of the competition, the couch seating area is speechless.

At the end of the competition, the couch seating area is speechless.

The Rigli Stadium has lost two games in two days. The 4-hour 55 minutes of competition is the longest competition in the history of the https://www.fanartikelsportde.com outer card. It is also the longest time when the Rigli ball is. The playoffs.

It should be said that the game of the coatings of the game, the team, the last minute, the 23 players came, and the line was dragged to 13 bureaus under a bad situation. There are many fans who are still sorry for the winnam team to lose this time-consuming outer card, think that the team has tried his best. But a team cannot just rely on feelings and chicken soup. Behind the outer card is not only reflected in many of the team’s existing problems, but also let us see the process of gradually falling in the past two years.

Fatigue is definitely not the excuse of the team, and the bear team has played two key battles two consecutive days. But two games can be a home battle, and the last series of competitions in the season (the red squash) is also conducted at home. The first opponent wineman rushed to the wind city from Milwaukee overnight. The opponent’s opponent’s opponent team is more exaggerated. They have finished the last series in Washington, then fly to Los Angeles and Dodge PK, and then rush to the Chicago and Cousian team in the five Lake District. Obviously, from the perspective of the rest time, the bear team can say that it is an absolute advantage.

It should be said that in the 2018 season, the bear team still occupies the role fans and teams that are partitioned names and the team will not think they will go to the extra card. Although their second half of the country has problems, they still lead the opponent 3 games when entering September. According to the previous status partition name, the name should be moved, but in September, their status is not flattering, and the record is only 19 wins and 13 losses. And the number of the wineman team is 20 wins and 7 losses, and they have been able to win before the courses of the bear team. The outer card opponent’s team is 19 wins and 9 losses, and the winemaker is similar to their last stage of the regular season, and the last 10 is 9 wins and 1 loss. The state of the big bear faces the opponent’s opponent in full swing? The outer card walker team’s warth walked by Rocky’s pitcher is more than 7 bureaus, which breaks their record in the playoffs. The previous day, the game is only 1 point. Coincidentally, their lines were in the last stop of the Red Squad, and it was clear that the bear team did not adjust the status of the players in time.

Lester, the bear team, Pitcher, also said: The team strikes in the final battle, which seems to have fired in the game, this overdraft, in the next game. The local media of Chicago is talking about the situation of the bear in the playoffs, but they have ended all this card.

Enemy, plus the threat of sudden outbreak in the end of the season, and there is no formal self in September poor state to let the bear team lost the outer card. At the same time, it is also an important reason for the status of the partitioned situation. https://www.fanstore2.com
It is also important to adjust the state according to the worst conditions.

The coach of the bear, Joe-Biden is lost in the interview with the media.

The coach of the bear, Joe-Biden is lost in the interview with the media.

The Bear team broke from the 2014 season part of the 2016 season to break the 108-year-old curse. This process can be said to be a “snoop” level inspirational story. But the 2016 season from the 2018 season from the champion, to the national contest, and was eliminated in the external card. Continuously regress the signs, let us have a smelling of the taste of the degeneration of Wu State. Most of the players who created a miracle in 2016 were still there, but it seems that it has been helpless. There is no big alliance level star at the team farm. The team management seems to be immersed in the rich in 2016.

Regardless of the curse of the 108 years in 2016, there is https://www.maillotsenligne.com more intensive, more touching, more great. Regardless of how they played how history of epicardial cards in 2018. Constantly retreat is the main melody of the team, and the team will come to face the problem. How to help the team return to the World Contest in 2019? It is the most important job of the bear team. After all, no one wants to wait 108. People who break the team for 108 non-crown mag clamps are very great, but a team is not worth showing off 108 years.