What is the prospect of a wake up to the rice bowl to create a miracle of Minnesota?

As of now, the biggest transaction on the market is Baltimore Crow to send Joe-Vlaco to Denver’s Wild Horse. In this transaction, the most affected people besides Fragraments, which is the original wild horse quartz to Kas-Kas-Kas. Kanka came to Denver last season, led the wild horse to play a season, when he learned that the manager John Elvi had chosen Joe-Vlaco to replace him, Nijing was stunned.

At this time, Case – Kannan is also leading to the Minnesota Weijin to enter the national conclusion, the best hot four-point guard in the market. The transfer market gate has just opened, and the wild horse is signed with Kasi to a 2-year worth 36 million US dollars, and promises to the first quarter-off position. This contract is 20 in the league, exceeding J. J. Watt, Fletcher Cox and Antonio-Brown and other elite players. Results The 2018 season, Nakano in Minnesota is not there, the team only achieved 6 wins and 10 losses, the head coach. Joseph under the get out of class, Victs Van Gio took office.

Now, the wild horses are intended to abandon Nakan, so they find Vlaco. “That morning, General Manager John Alvi is looking for me, our chat is a pleasant, he doesn’t have to consider my feelings, but he is still looking for me, thank you.” Kinberley, Kinberley When I was doing the show: “I am really shocking, I am a 霹雳 for us, really let us lose. This is not what we want to hear, I know everyone wants everyone Do your own work, maybe John think this can help the wild horse break out. “

In the 2018 season, Kasi is behind a broken offensive front line (three first injuries), it does not come out, and the 3890 yards 18 records and 15 recorded, the CD -diatric part is the second The quarter-off guards and pass scores are ranked before the league countdown. Since the end of the season, Elvi has unanimously said that the most important task to do during the break is to repair offensive.

Nakan is expected to take up a $ 21 million salary space in the 2019 season, which is actually higher than $ 18.5 million in Fragra. Regardless of Naka in the big list, the wild horse must take out $ 18 million in $ 7 million to pay to Kana. If the wild horse chooses to cut off Nakan, it will save 11 million US dollars, and the remaining 1000 Wan Duo will become a dead money.

It is expected that the wild horse will trade Kana in the next few weeks, but the team also said that in addition, Kasi is also a good choice. This 31-year-old quarter-saving experience has absolute game experience. Regarding the future, Kasi said life is so unpredictable: “For us, there will be another chapter of life, we will continue to go forward. Life is here, you can meet what happened, this thing It is also treated as usual. This is just a new chapter in my life, new opportunity, overcoming difficulties to go out of adversity. “

However, this year, most teams don’t want to be a first quarter-off. In addition to a few popular in the election, Kasi is also facing Nick-Falls and Teddy-Bridgewater competition. He may return to the replacement day, then wait for the opportunity, just like at the time of Minnesota. This is the cruel reality of NFL, and Kanka has been habits.

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