Whale Uncle: November 23 NBA Preview Prediction: Lakers VS Knicks

Original title: Whale Uncle: November 23 NBA Preview Prediction: Lakers VS Knicks

Hello everyone, I am a fish, today’s Nets really win the knight. In addition to the full score, the first section, half a field, the audience has guess. The knight is really stronger in this season, it is injured in the tiger, no way too much main injury, and Rubio’s three points in this season are also very accurate, plus Malkin and Allen, if it is not a basket At the end, several key balls can be successfully entered, and the content may be the basket instead of the knight.

Not much to say, let’s analyze the game of the Lakers in the main scene of Knicks. Let’s talk about the Lakers. In fact, it will be lost to the piston. However, in the case of the last section, Wei https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Shao has directly taken the game directly, and the thickness of the eyebrows and Wei is very good, tactics It is also very simple, it is a glimmer, and Wei Shao passes a moment when it is very fast. As long as the player does not make the past, the ball is quickly connected to the basket, if it is not followed by the player, Just create a chance to make a low single-play, although the thrower is a bit of a little dead, but the inner shooting is still very stable, the Lakers are on this tactics plus the throne to defeat the piston.

As for Nicks, the defensive step in Nicks is obvious. The introduction of Walker is to strengthen offense. As a result, it has fallen a lot of defensive levels, but I think this is not a chance of trial and wrong, after all, Knicks is the easiest to attack at the last season. https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com And Ainol also comes https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com out, personal feeling that Knick’s defense will only get better and better, protect Walker’s defensive weaknesses, and individual think Knicks can still enter the playoffs.

This is the home of Knicks, plus James is banned, taking into account this point of Wei Shao defensive vulnerability, plus Nicks is the main defense, comparing the current Lakers, I think this Knick should be able to take Lower competition, and won at least 4 points. Of course, if you can perform the performance of the last section of Yesterday, when I didn’t say haha.

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