Two degrees of two-degree anti-super national civil war Metropolis 8-5 reverse victory warriors

On July 1st, Beijing time, Atlanta Warriors challenged the New York Most of the Flag Stadium. The game “Raytheon” Schindgard returned to the first round value from the list of injuries, but he did not overcome 6 games lost 3 points and showed a strong man. However, the big capital will launch a strike in the last moment of the game, and the second half of the eighth game is 5 points. In the end, the metropolitan will be reversed.

Alonso has sent two points

Alonso has sent two points

[Data Highlight]

In terms of metropolis, McNeil’s 3-pitched points 2 points, Frazer 3 security 2 points, Alonso 2 points, JD-Davis 3 security. Warriors, Akunia 3 security somewhere is 3 points 1 points.

[Competition process]

In the first half, Akunia’s first stick hit a hit, and the pirate was successful. This is the 13th pirate in his season; Swanson and Freman have come out, but Donal Learn returned to teammates with a second base, the warrior took the lead in score, 1-0.

In the second half of the first game, it will quickly chase the score. McNeri is the first bar to attack, Fred, Fred, the runner took the opportunity to push the package; Alonso rushed to the earth, JD-Davis knocked out the right foreign country rolling, runner Go back to the home base score, 1-1 .

In the third bureau, the strike returned to the first stick, the Akunian state was hot, in the face of “Raytheon”, the royal spring gun, the 20th volume of the season, the warriors lead the warrior again, 2-1. Since then, Swansen and Friiman have repeatedly hit the play, and the two achieve both bivalts, Markakys has been acoustic, the Warriors have not continued score.

In the second half of the third bureau, Alonso selected four bad balls, JD-Davisan hit, Frazer used to slam the score, 2-2; Kano’s ankle formed a full base situation, Luo Sario Gaofu sacrificed the 2nd point of the bureau, and it will achieve anti-super, 2-3.

In the second half of the fourth place, Fred, which lost 3 points, finally found a state, and even three Senuct resolved this half.

Thunder is not good, although less than 6 bureaus, three vibration but 3 times

Thunder is not good, although less than 6 bureaus, three vibration but 3 times

In the middle of the sixth bureau, Schindgard first used two consecutive four-bad ball to open the game; Markkiys rushed to the earth, but promoted the runner, Kamo was home to send 1 point, 3-3; Fla Worth is also selected from the four bad balls, and Joyce played in the field to replace Fred; at this time, the metropolis will also make a change in people, and Schindgard ended, this game was over 5.2. 7 Annea lost 3 points, sent 5 three-oscillated 3 times.

The seventh game, Akunia could not stop, the first stick was knocked again, Swansen and Friiman’s two-running two-running, helping the Warriors to have 2 points, score 5-3, Warriors Three leaders three times.

In the second half of the eighth place, the warrior who has changed the pitcher faces the first stick, and the Yangchun cannons that https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comFraser knocked out make the difference to zoom in 1 point, 5-4, this is his season The 11th Batters hit. Then Kano was checked by the tentarem, Rosario, although the Warriors replaced Newco, but the pitcher still can’t stop the line, Kong Formo was sent, McNerian fought back 2 points. Metropolis will reappear, 5-6; Alonso then knocked out the second base to beat, the score came to 5-8.

In the first half of the ninth game, Diaz debuted, and sent two three vibrations to win the victory.

[Two sides starting]

Atlanta Warrior:

1. Ronald – Akunia

2. Dansby – Swansen guerrilla

3. Freddy – Fremown

4. Josh Donalson

5. Nick Markakys Right Wilder

6. Austin – Rilei left field

7. John – Kamo 2rd

8. Taylor Flavos catcher

9. Max – Fried Pitcher

Most of New York:

Jeff McNeil’s right wilder

2. Bitty – Alonso

3.JD- Davis left outer wilder

4. Todd Fraser Tablets

5. Robinson – Cauno two base

6. Ameide Rosario guerrilla

7. Thomas Nito Catcher

8. Juan – Lagales in the wilder

9. Nova Schidgard pitcher

[Next prospect]

After the end of the series of series, they all entered the mobile day, and the metropolis will usher in the second battle of the Metro Wars, they will continue to meet the Yangji from London in the Citi Stadium. The first metropolis of the Subway March will send Jason Wagas as a first-hand pitcher, 3 wins 3 wins this season, 3 wins 3, and he has been responsible for 11 consecutive games. This is no more than 3 points. 11 game rate 2.55.

This year, Wagas has played a base, 6 games lost 3 points, and won the only win in the 11th game of the array. The Warriors returned to the home to meet the Philadelphians. It is expected that the first firing will be Dallas – Kelle, 1 win 1 loss 5.06 self-blade rate, from the free player becoming the Warriors spending, he lost 3 points, 3 points, The hits are high. 356, find the best state as soon as possible is his top priority.