Two bats fight 82 minutes! The sun will fight the warrior arm exhibitions can become hidden dangers: he has 7 minutes and 20 seconds zero sealing library

On December 4th, Beijing time, the Sun and Warriors are about to usher in the second place within 4 days. This game is not only to face the dilemma of Bark, but also to deal with physical problems – this game is them In the last 4 days of 3 games, the past two games, their important people in the defensive end of Bridges over 82 minutes. For the game, he was 2,000 seconds with the Curry, and the latter did not have 1 point.

At this point of the Warriors, if Bridges’ physical alarm, the role of defensive ends decline, the sun’s prospect will not be optimistic.

Previously, the solar warriors, the sun was finally reported in the case of Bounce, and got a strong dialogue, not only the anti-warrior of the Warriors, but also got a record of the history record of the team. Win. After the sun took a day, he ushered in the game. In the case of Bark lack, their last year has taken away the piston.

But in the face of tight people, Monti Williams can only make Brichis, this arm is 3M18, and the past two games have played 41.4 minutes and 40.8 minutes, two games. Defench more than 82 minutes, Bridge is about to usher in a 4-day three fierce battle.

Among the previous games, his play is very good. His defensive once makes Haden to take the shooting efficiency in 10 shots, and his appearance time has reached 40.7 minutes. The game of the Warriors, Bridges is mainly responsible for the protection of the defense, and he is 2,000 seconds in the game, and the latter is unable to hit 1 point. It can be said that Bridges makes the busry and the Warriors’ attacks.

However, this game, Bak lack, the team has lacked an important rotation person. Bridges have consumed huge in two games, and they don’t know if they are in the center of Datong. Can he continue to perform inexpensive performance in front of the defensive end. Once his physical fitness and defensive performance, the sun will be very difficult.