Toronto Bluebird fans worried about the first firing Stereoman to go to Yangji?

As the MLB transaction deadline is coming, the team of each competition seating seat is ready to brew the transaction. The news today is about Blue Bird Pitcher Marcus – Strime is about to transfer New York.

Marcus Strime is only 28 years old. This season is good. His salary is $ 7.4 million in 2020. For some sales, Strime is superior. Value selection. More importantly, Striman did not reveal the hidden dangers, which made him very attractive.

According to the New York Merchable Sports Reporter – David Dufu’s report, the blue bird and Yangji have negotiated the first pitcher. Although some teams are more willing to avoid the opponents of the same district, Toronto Bluebird has reached Ja-Hap last summer, and the Blue Bird team is still in the reconstruction period. It is difficult to call two teams for competitors and array. China-strong hand trading gives the other party to cash or potential to the new star is still very suitable.

DETRRRAN is still very reasonable for Toronto Bluebird, because there is still a year and a half, Stroman will become a free player called the sky. It seems that blue birds may not want to renew, so choose to honor his trading value, now is a good time to pay Strime, now, now he is only 3.31, and the value of WAR has reached 1.5.

On the other hand, New York Yangji has replenished the first round value by trading. This year, the New York Yangji injured soldiers is too much, and Strime is a thousand no one. Strime is a vacancy in the top of the first firing, and if the Yangji is willing to use him in the playoffs as a long and secondary pitcher.

Stroman should also be very happy to come to New York, because his hometown is in New York, he should be very happy for your hometown team.

Although Blue Bird Fans will feel uncomfortable to Strime, which is a base striped robes, but this transaction has a lot of probability, and Stroman may become a member of Bronx before coming in August.