Today, Paul broke the 22-year NBA record and became the first person.

Since the season, there are 2 teams’ performances to be the most amazing. One is a warrior, the other is the sun, the sun is open 1 wins and 3 negative rear 12 consecutive victories, currently 13 wins and 3 negative records The Ranking League Second (the alliance is the first 15 wins and two warriors). Solar can have such excellent performance, Paul does not, Paul is 36 years old, but he has a capacity to have a NBA. After today’s game, he broke the 22-year NBA record in this statistical, and hosted NBA history. First person.

What is Paul’s ability? That is the highcoming turnover. In today’s sun VS Nuggets, Paul took only 24 minutes to get off work, he won 9 points and 3 plates 10 assists in 4, the number of lost characters was 0, leading the sun to win 29 points. After this war, Paul has reached a feat of 10+ times and lost 0 times in the regular season. Breaking the NBA record (46 times) of Bogis (46 times), becoming the first person in this statistical history.

Bogers, only 1 meter, 6 meters, is the most short player in NBA. His body is short, but the ability is amazing. He has a total of 46 people to help 10+ times and lose 0 times. The last time is Decocted in the 1999-2000 season (November 7, 1999). This is a great achievement, because even the Stowton’s routine course has only been 44 times, Kidd is only 27 times, Nash only did 19 times. I didn’t expect Bugus’s record to be broken after 22 years.

In the active player, in addition to Paul 47 times, the second is the 13th, Conley, Lori, who is ranked 11 times in 11 times, James ranked 10 times. Paul is far leading to others, which can be seen that there are more good organizational skills, more robust.

This ability of Paul allows the team’s potential to maximize excitation. Because of this, he made the Rockets and 4 star Warriors. After he joined the sun, the sun in the past year was flying in the next year, and he fell into the finals.