Today NBA Analysis: The sun shock 14 has a difficulty, James is lifting to the lake manpower

First place: Sun VS Knight

The sun is currently 14 wins and 3 losses, ranking second in the west, only behind the Warriors. After 115% to 111, the sun has been gains 13 consecutive victories and continuously refreshes the retribution of the Alliance of the Season. On the game, Paul played, only 12 points 4 assists, Erton 21, 14 rebounds, Bak 23 points 3 rebounds 4 assists, but these are routine operations, the key to winning is that the bench contribution is much, and Wen is highly cut 20 Division, 啥 media and McGi also score double in not many appearance times. The last section of the Spurs was madly collected, and the climax of 36-12 was played, but eventually because they were too big, they did not jump out. In the past 10 games, the sun has 114 points 46.6 rebounds 26.3 assists 9.4 times to steal 5 cover caps, which is obviously stronger than the season average, while the field has been lost 101.9 points, and the average number of days of the game is 2.9 points.

The knight currently 9 wins 9 wins and 9 losses, ranking 10th in the eastern part. Recently, I have encountered a strong enemy, and the strength is not convinced. Due to the injury of Sexon, the knight lost 16 points of the aversion and the offensive point of the offensive origin. It was originally a continuous six consecutive points for the offensive end. Fortunately, Malkan is backup, cut 22 points, 8 rebounds, Garnd 24 points 11 assists, Allen 20 points 15 rebounds, plus the output of Rubio and Lefu, the knight and the basket network battle to the final In the section, the 112 ratio is adjaceced. However, the inner line is obviously improved, which is also the capital of the future to get rid of the losing, ushered in the rebound.

The Sun has 6 wins and 1 win, but only 4 away in the 13 games, the opponents are kings, Grizzlies, Rockets and Forest Wolves, no one can play, and defeat the forest wolves and Spurs, they have a considerable strength. Although the Knight is not so strong, it is still ok, so it is good to see the knight small negative, even burst. In addition, with the Camaminsky’s backup, the inside of the knight is not weak, and it can be supported.

This recommendation: Knight + 8.5 wins

Size points recommendation: 210.5

The second game: Lakers vs Pacers

The Lakers are currently
9 wins and 10 losses, ranking 9th in the west. In the game, New York, lost to Knicks 116 to 100, and 4 games were lost, and the overall delay did not enter the state. James banned, Wei Shao once once again broke, cut down 31 points 13 rebound 10 assists three pairs, thick eyebrows 20 points 6 rebounds 3 assists, Bradley, Anthony and Mum can also have double, but the team inside and outside the frontier defense There is a more obvious vulnerability, so that the opponent easily shows 45.1% of the shooting rate and 44.1% of the three-pointer. It is important to know that Knicks is mainly based on position, the fast attack frequency and the number of shots are not much. The Lakers want to win the championship, and the defensive tactics also need further improvement.

Pacers are currently 8 wins and 11 losses, ranking 13th. The kneading of this team is obviously a problem. When it is good, when it is good, after the game and very good, it will live in three away, and then even the big winning and bull, win 17 points and 32 points respectively. On the game, you can humiliate the bull by 109 to 77. It is bleak, only 28 in 6. In fact, the pedestrian strength is not bad, the inner lines, the outside shots, the results should be better.

The pedestrian home has given 3.5 points. The Lakers stand back to the back, but James is re-commented, it is expected to have a wrist with the walker. If the number three of the eastern part is indifferent, the Lakers are afraid that the game is also difficult in the competition. In terms of size, the two teams are all engaged, guarding the weak chickens, optimistic about the score 216.5.

This recommendation: Lakers + 3.5 wins

Size recommendation: 216.5 points