To reverse the tendency of young people’s interest, the American Professional Rugby Great League has cooperated with Tiktok

A few days ago, the American Professional Rugby deled exam news General Union (NFL) announced that the short video platform Tiktok reached a two-year content cooperation. NFL opened the official account in Tiktok, published a competition highlights, behind-the-scenes highlights.

According to Morning Consult, rugby seems to be lost in the next year, because they have rarely watch the game through TV. And because the head is easily injured, the young people who participate in this sports are also reduced. The young generation is no longer strong in football, and it is an important reason for this decision. NFL I hope that Tiktok can help it catch the young audience.

After the two sides reached a cooperation, the NFL opened the official Tiktok latest election news of delhi account. Up to now, NFL releases 23 videos. A video of the highest power is the highest, the San Francisco 49 people ‘s external hand Hummy Guda’s score, video writes “He and his wife lose love in front of the game … That day Makis Gude Temperature has achieved the first 83-size score of the season. ” This video has got more than 2 million “red hearts”.

(NFL released in Tiktok official account)

NFL prayagraj live news today will also initiate a topic challenge in Tiktok, encourage Tiktok users to shoot and publish video at specific topics. For example, the famous “flip challenge” of fast food brand CHIPOTLE has invited users to play a bowl cover in the restaurant.

This week, NFL opens the #veready theme challenge, inviting Tiktok users to show their love for their favorite teams. During the event, NFL will work with Tiktok content creators and major clubs to create Tiktok videos. Up to now, the total video of the video under the topic of WeReady has exceeded 200 million.

uttarakhand champawat news

(Users participate in the #veready theme challenge, photographing video related to football)

Brek Stique, vice president of NFL city hulchal meerut live news todayDigital Media Business Development, mentioned in a statement that Tiktok can affect “NFL’s rapid growth of global audience and future fans.”

Tiktok also said that both parties will cooperate to create “unique opportunities, enable branders to act around NFL”. “

Source: Consumer Daily

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