Thompson participated in the training competition, the main coach reveals the state of competition, or the soup of our familiar

The days of returning to Thompson are increasingly approaching, and the recent Warriors are also training Tomson to the development alliance. Thompson has recently participated in the training competition of the development alliance. His performance has been highly praised by the development of the coach. The development of the leaders of the coach Thompson played very precise and dominated in the training competition.

In fact, when the fans heard such an answer, it was the most gratified because the familiar Thompson came back. The fans are very clear that as long as the Thompson’s shooting capacity still exists, he can play a very important role in the Warriors. We don’t want to return to Thompson to return to the previous defensive level. After all, it is not realistic. We just hope that Thompson can keep the previous level before returning. If Thompson has no influence on the shooting, then the Warriors are undoubtedly the most likely to win the championship this season.

After Thompson returned, any player did not dare to put him half a step when defending him, even if he had been hurt twice. So his return will make the Warriors’ system more complete. Now, Po will not replaces Thompson’s role. You will find Poole or more like to play the ball during shooting. Since his shots are low, he does not have the ability of Thompson’s top-bearing ability.

And Thompson is different, and the space will become better when he is equipped with the library. He completely has the ability to invest in people, and the single section is 37 points is a good example. And the opponent is completely different when defending Poole and Thompson. So this will provide a larger space in the library, and also release the pressure in the library.

We also saw some of the low-level offensive technology in the recent Thompson’s training competition. The opponent is difficult to interfere with his shooting, because Thompson’s shooting is very high, plus his height in two The number is also high. So the opponent is difficult to interfere with his shooting. As for Thompson’s backup, it may be declined on the defensive end, and the warriors fans don’t have to worry too much. The Warriors starting lineups in Willinns and Green are very resistant players. They will further release Thompson’s pressure. The Warriors have always been a team that is very integrity at the defensive end, so they will make up for the shortcomings of personal defensive ends through the team’s defensive.

In general, Thompson will still exist, then the Warrior team is hard to go to the opponent. I don’t know how the fans think it?