The victory of the piracy is actually because the referee is too early?

October 28th (Text / ESPN JENNA LAINE Compilation / Slash)

The whistle suddenly sounded, and the Gulf of Tampa Bay went to get the ball right and the ball was blown. The pirates were lost to Tenna West Titan team at 23-27.

When the competition came to the fourth quarter, the Pirate Brigade offers Devin White, and the Brett Kern will be held. Catch it, safe Wei Adams pick up “drop” and go straight to the end area. This should be an exciting moment, but then it is depressed.

Pirate Safety Yamas said, “German is the type of player, the ball is fast. He rushed to the opponent’s ball. So I immediately went to pick the ball, hurry up. Because I am really It is clear that this is a drop, but they say that the referee blows whistle … “

Mistakement The official did not recognize this “mistake”, but believe this is not a ball but a dead ball.

“This whistle actually plays the most important role (stirrover), you picked up the ball, in order to win the game, rushing to Dalun District, but this whistle stopped everything.” Pirate head coach Bruce – Ali’an Bruce Arians said.

Have to say, the trend of the alliance is not too easy to blow up the game.

German-White said: “I think, in the NFL, they should let this process will end, followed by going back, I will continue to play from the beginning to the end, because I know that the ball is coming out. “

Adrian Hill said to ESPN: “It is certain that after the whistle sounds, we really saw that there is a ball out, but the ruling on the court is that the player is By contacting the ground, this is the reason why the whistle sounds. The ruling is “through contact.”

When asked if they had the ability to re-examine this attack and defense, Hill told ESPN. “The reasive part of this game is – if we re-examine, we have seen the ball very early, Tampawan The pirate also picked up the ball and got the ball. We can give the ball to the Tampa Gulf group when they got the ball, but I can’t see it later. “

Adams said he didn’t hear whistle.

“I saw the ball came out. Once I saw it, I won’t listen to the whistle. I want to pick the ball.” Honestly, I didn’t think about this attack and defense. I am trying to lead all other things to this. Just starting to step on the brake, this should not happen here. “

Although NFL tends to make the attack and defense, do not stop the competition too early, but there has been a case where the penalty size is inconsistent with the entire alliance.

In the second week of the game, a early whistle blowing a 87-yard long rushing up, this ball background is the New Orleans Saint Fighting Dragonfly Card Melon – Jordan. Ball and convert it as “reach”.

This attitude was initially identified in the first point as the pass. Sean Peyton made a challenge to this pass, but the miserable referee was returned, so there was no reach.

However, in the third week of the game, the game was in the second quarter 7:05, the Saint Waln Bell (VONN Bell) got the ball in the Haiying half. In the event of “dropping”, the Hawie Runa has a more obvious suspicion through contacting. However, there is no whistle on the field to show that this is dead.

In the 4th week, the Detroit Lion team hit 13-13 flat. Avoiding the Hanan is coming, everyone knows that once the Luo Han is stacked, the first point is extremely difficult to determine whether the ball is in place. Barrow Britland suddenly got the “dropping”, 100 yards back to attack to come. The dispute is not a problem. The key is to treat the scale and reaction of the same thing. The referee has appeared in the referee. This blurred violation is to let the referee have repeatedly refunded the tip.