The universe level offensive front line is going to bring! Cowboy King Left Piece Smith is expected to reimburse

October 9 (Wen / ESPN Compile / Aibao) Dallas Cowboy This season although the firepower is open under the leadership of the new handsome McCarti, the record of 1 win 3 does not allow them to occupy an advantage in the partition; and now they Need to face new problems. According to ESPN reporter Vordel, cowboy is currently uncertainty of the team’s left disappearance Tailong – Smith can also participate in the remaining competitions this season, and they are hesitating to add this neck injury to the injury preparation list.

“Now this is a big question, all things are placed in a statement.” Stephen Jones, Vice President, Executive Vice President, “We must focus on the maximum interest of Smith career, he has been in harmony now The disease is struggling; he is what you imagine the man’s look, he is also what you imagine the best left-trial. Of course, he wants to help his teammates, but he maybe it is anxious. The next day we must be serious. Considering this problem, working with Tailong and doctors, deciding what is the most beneficial to him. “

Smith’s neck injury was burst in the training after the cowboy season, he missed the next two games, followed by returning to the fourth week of the brown. However, the sources confirmed that his injuries have repeated and absent the training on Wednesday. Cowboy coach McCarthy said that “Smith is not as good as last week” before training, and supplementing Smith will work with the injury resume.

In the past five seasons, Smith missed the game due to the back, leg teen, knee and elbow. In the 2 games in his season, Brandon Natti made his debut of the fighting eagle and the sea eagle. After the new show player Temuth Steier, Knight played the right . Bennet is likely to return to the left-off position, while the injured Cameron – Owen will compete with Steier to compete for the right trunks.

In addition, the cowboy has also signed the old trip to Q Jordan Mills in the training list, and the latter has 84 first-handed experience. “His experience is helpful to us,” McCarti said, “he joined us, it took a while last week, he did some correct things in the practice; so experience is very important, in the cutout Location to find an experienced old will never be a bad thing. “

Of course, the cowboy can’t wait for their regular first right cut Ryr-Collins, he did his hip surgery on Wednesday, and it has been reimbursed in the season. At the same time, the main disappearance of the left and right side must inevitably affect the quartzWrescott, but this quarter-off is still confident.

“It is obvious that some players and generals in our team are unable to replace, but I am very confident, the coach and management will make the right decision.” Prescot said, “Not only that, I I also saw some young players’ training and preparation. For me, this will enhance my confidence, I want them to know that I trust them, I will fight with them. “