The Top Ten Top Ten Bottles in the Summer of 2019: The Taoist will have a national ambiguous

October 4th news 2019 regular game dust settled, ten seasons teams have been released, including the national association’s Dodge, Warriors, Sapphire, National, and Wine. Tencent MLB Power List The judges here give fans to the top ten analysis of the seasons, with reference. The following is a national conference:

No. 1 seed: National Lanxi District Champion Los Angeles Daoqi

Regular season record: 106-56

Regularity of regular competition ratio: 886-613

Team Attack Index: 0.810 (League 4th)

Team Score Rate: 3.37 (League 1st)

Damage analysis: The Terminator in the cowshed is unstable, and the self-sharing rate is from 3.71, the team’s first hair is in the regular season. I tried from the cattle. The shed is coming out, which also shows that the team is ready for different cowshed. In addition, Stormlin, Mel and Ulias can provide 1 or more relay from the cowshed. The first round value is probably the most stable place, Liu Xianzhen, the three groups of Bingle and Ke Xiao can be said to be a top combination. And Hill’s old will also become a very reliable 4 pitcher. The head coach Roberts today announced the first game of the National Bank of China by the second grade Brace, and it also made a certain change in the usage of the first hair order.

In terms of attack, Berlin Jie Benyi. 305 / .406 / .629 hits three and 47-style homes to make him a powerful candidate for the National Union MVP, but the performance of Berlin Jie is a high opening. Low walking, this is inevitable that people will think about his long-standing playoffs: 124 seasons only left .385 OPS. The bad performance in the last season playoff even gave Berlinjan unable to enter the starting line in the case of the other party. Taking into consideration of a few left-sigh core lines that have a few left-sigh core lines in the vicinity of the vicinity, the right to Turner, Smith, Pollock and Fries and Taylor. The performance is very important.

In particular, in the first battle of the division, Kerbin, who has a very good pressure (left to left. 508 on the left. 508). The depth of the Dodge allows Roberts to easily arrange the two sets of first wiring combinations according to the candidates of the other person. But the problem is still very simple, can they play normally in the playoffs? Dodge Qi Qi leaving only. 180 / .249 / .302 in the World Competition last year, if this season is still old, it is difficult to go farther in the playoffs.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★ ☆

WARS 评 评: ★★★★

No. 2 seed: National Liandong District Champion Atlanta Warrior

Regular season record: 97-65

Regular performance ratio: 855-743

Team Attack Index: 0.789 (League 7)

Team Score Rate: 4.19 (League 10)

Battramond analysis: Compared with last year’s foreign military protrusions, this year’s Atlanta Warriors have expected, and they also have a corresponding achievement. Despite the predication of all the media in the Kentai National District, the media predicted is a three-strong big mixed partition, but the Warriors broke through the situation in the stability of competitors. In terms of work, the two major queues of the lift Josh Donaldson and the old people of the Nest will catch the brian mccann. Donalson is more It was a 37-bombing 94 points of excellent output.

Plus home cultivated super stars small Ronard-Akania (Ronald Acuna Jr.) playing 41 bang 37 stolen 40-40 results, Ozzie Albies also have 24 bangs 15 Pirates and close to the 3% hits, other hit people have good output, let alone, as always, Freddie Freeman, also played a MVP level season.

However, the Pitcher, although the Canada smallman Mike Soroka handed over 13 wins and 4 negative 2.68 self-sharing scores, Max Fried The second stay in the country, and there is also the joining of Dallas Keuchel in the quarter, but the first round value is always lacking a trump array. Seasonal cowshed on the 731 transaction of Shawn Greene, Mark Malk Melancon, and Chris Martin, were reached in the 731 transaction. It is a bit slightly insufficient to press the rollover opponent.

Overall, “Young” is still the biggest portrayal of the Warriors, full of vitality but lack of experience, this group of unknown guys have been what is this year after last year’s experience?

Pitcher rating: ★★★

WARS 评 评: ★★★

No. 3 seed: Guo Shengzhong Champion St. Louis Hashton

Regular competition: 91-71

Regular competition ratio: 764-609

Team Attack Index: 0.737

Team Score Rate: 3.80

Damage Analysis: The last game in the regular season has identified the partition champion. As the team’s worst team, although it is free from the 163th game of winemakers, the last is forced Used the strongest pitcher Flachti, his appearance can only be pushed behind during the partition, and whether the partner of Mikolars and Wen Lai is steady?

The squadron’s team’s self-blade and self-sharing rate are all in the federation of the federation, the pitcher is their strong weapon, and 15 of Flachti will be 1 first, and the self-blame is low to the horrible 0.91; Martinens, which successfully turned to the terminator, 27 rescue success 24 times, relay pitcher Giovanni Giegos 66 times, only 2.31 self-sharing rate, every 9-game Zhen is up to 11.3.

However, the row’s line is relatively weak, and the average score is 4.7 points ranked 19th, the OPS 0.737 ranked 21st, the home running 210 ranked 24th, all of which belong to the full league. The core player does not have a hit rate of more than 3, and Gord Schmidt is the lead in the team, and the 34 bombing 97 points 78 passes. However, Tommy, which was born in the season, is the X factor of Luhua, and the last 30 games in the season, he has 6 projects to play 14 points to run back to 25 points, .348 hits the rate and The length of. 626 is a good performance.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

Wander rating: ★★

3 card: National District Second Washington National

Regular competition record: 93-69

Regular competition ratio: 873-724

Team Attack Index: 0.796 (League No. 6)

Team Score Rate: 4.27 (League 13)

Damage analysis: The first season of the backbrys-Harper Era, the National Team has been opened in 19 wins and 31, and there is a non-chapter two consecutive seasons. However, the national team then chased it, and locked the outer card seat in the end of the season, and ended the conclusion of the regular season with eight consecutive victories. The team “three giant voters” Max-Xie Zer, Stephen – Strasberg and Patrick Colbin’s FWAR is 17. It is the highest in the top three of the Alliance, which makes the ball. Teams have a considerable advantage in the playoffs. However, the cowshed is the biggest short board of the team. The self-blame of the regular season is second, so the external card team is likely to let Strasberg and Collbin thank you. Zel came out later.

In terms of the team, although Harper is lost, Juan Soto has filled his vacancies he left, and the three bases Anthony-Lodgedin played the results of the quasi-MVP. Assad Barbal-Kabrera, which was signed after the transaction limit, became the final puzzle of the team, since he once again worked with the national jersey again, the team’s team Fwar is high. At the psychological level, the Capital people’s wins broke the Washington’s four major alliance teams, and they couldn’t break through the first round of curse. If the team can smoothly break from the outer card, they have the opportunity for the first time to enter the World Competition.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

WARS 评 评: ★★★

2 outer card: National Sino-Central District Second Milwaukee

Regular season record: 89-73

Regular performance ratio: 769-766

Team Attack Index: 0.767

Team Score Rate: 4.40

Battle Analysis: The reconstruction of the winemaker fully complies with General Manager Melwin’s expectations. After the 2018 season’s seasons won the national joint district champion, although this season, the star player Christine Jerege The injury season reimbursement, the wineman won 18 games in the last 23 games, and obtained the external card qualification, and can be prerepared with the Washington National Team.

Although the National Team sent a trunk to Xie Zer’s war, if Xie Zer lost 6 bureaus, the chance of lost a difference in the first game was much greater than other bureaus, the self-sharing rate is 4.33, he is The number of lost points in the first game is almost equal to the total of the second and third bureau. In contrast, the first part of this season is most compared to other bureaus. Moreover, Xie Zer has not lost in the playoffs. The National Team may send Strusberg and Corbin as a relay appearance.

Woodroff’s first-time, the first time in this season, the National Team is very strange to Woodrv’s ball, and the Anthony-Linden is the most battle but only 9 shots, but because In the end of the injured, there is not much to be invested by Wood Rolf, but the Black Scen is famous for many times and the terminator.

The player of the winemaker is not stranger to Xie Zel, but the record is poor. Lorenzo – Kane Career Tour is 0-15 and has 7 three vibrators, Ryan-Brian career 0-14 and 5th Zhen, Mike Musakas is 6-36 and there are 11 times, Yasman Grano is 1-16. Moreover, Keyne and Brian have also observed lists, uncertain from whether it can play.

In any case, the countermeasures of the brewer team have not been in Wood Ruf, the national team’s first truncation has not yet played, and the advantage is taken as soon as possible.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★ ☆

WARK 评 评: ★★★ ☆☆