The theoretical instructor of the magic ball is overcome after cancer, returning to the sports home point of the ball, or staged again

Recently, the Auckland Sports Family announced the recruitment of senior baseball high-pronged Sandy Aldy Alderson. After Aldes returned to the livestate, he would serve as a high-level consultant of the baseball operation section, assist the current baseball operation President Billy Beane.

Alderson previously he served as general manager of the Metropolitan New York office

Alderson previously he served as general manager of the Metropolitan New York office

Bien also expressed excitement to Oldes in the statement: “(General Manager) David Frost and I am very happy to hear the news of Oldes back to the team. “

Talking about Beion and Oldeson’s relationship, it is the leader of Bien. When Bien ended his unhappy player career, he found Oldeson to serve as a senior scout for a sight. Olderson accepted him naturally. In the evening, the author Michael Lewis was interviewed by the author, and the Oldeson recalled: “I naturally accepted him because I felt that senior scouting is not an important position.” However, after three years, B & En has become an important assistant of Oldeson. He has laid the foundation for the five years of Working with Oldes, and has laid the foundation for the general manager in Bien. He also benefits from Oldes.

Harvard University, high-profile students, do not understand baseball full relying on data analysis

How do Oldeson? He is not just that Bien’s mentor is so simple, he has a strong ink in the history of sports. Oldes graduated from Harvard Institute, in 1981, I entered the sports homes. At that time, the general manager of the player was “Crazy Baseball Scientist” Billy Martin. However, with him, like the wind wave that was grouped in New York, Martin was fired after the end of the 1982 season, and the Walter Haas, JR is dismissed. Aldeson is deadly as the general manager of the team. .

There is such a fragment in the “Spirit of the Ball”: “Sandy (Oldeson) did not know about the baseball,” Harvey Dorfman said, he is Old Sen strip into the team’s baseball psychologist, “At that time, he could say that it was just started, but his thinking was very superior. He wants how to do it. At the same time, you will feel when you contact him. He is not angry. “

Olders is very clear about the value of research and analysis, and thus he started reconstructing the team’s think tank system. “Olders did not want to subvert the border past iron, but the fact proved that he did this through action.” Lewis wrote in the book. By analyzing historical baseball data, Oldeson took the lead in discovered that score and orthographic rates and long-winning relationships, rather than the mainstream cognitive team hits. Through multiple assumptions, Oldeson and his team proved that in many cases, strike, pirates and tapes are meaningless, and even have side effects on the team’s offensive. Olders said so with Lewis: “I found that many coaches like this, because no one will criticize them.”

At the moment, Oldeson’s discovery did not pay one by one. Because the Auckland attendant is the Macroom. The team owner Haas is very generous, the team’s salary limit does not have the upper limit. Once the team’s funds have gaps, the boss is like a charity home. In 1991, the total salary of sportsists was the highest in the alliance. In 1990, the total number of sports hostels exceeded 2 million. When the team is working well, there is no need to do an unnecessary change.

In Alderson rule, activist elected to not only a lot of good rookies, but the key is that they build a super team by signing trade and other ways. Bright star team (head coach was Hall of Famer Tony – Tony La Russa (Tony LaRussa), there are players in league history stolen base king Ricky – Henderson (Rickey Henderson), Dave – Henderson (Dave Henderson), abalone Bo – Welch (Bob Welch), Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis – Dennis Eckersley (Dennis Eckersley), Dave – Stewart (Dave Stewart), etc.). From 1988 to 1991 the movement attached home win four division titles, won three American League Championship and the 1989 World Series championship.

But he is best known thing in 1993, he would pull Bien Ti as assistant general manager.

The movie “Moneyball” will Alderson lot of credit assigned to someone else’s head. For example Bean graduated from the Ivy League school hired the Peter – Brand (Peter Brand) (archetypes Peter – 德波德斯塔 (Peter DePodesta)) responsible for data analysis team. In fact before this work has been in Alderson done. Actually baseball “outsider” Alderson will be “losers on the field,” Beane led into by the Bill – the area of ??the door, James (Bill James) to create a baseball data analysis. Alderson also mercilessly hit the first implementation of the new philosophy in the pellet up and down in.

In order to help the team more efficiently find good players, Alderson also commissioned former aerospace engineer Eric – Walker (Eric Walker) has written a handbook. In this booklet, Walker found the unique know-how to find a good hitter: As a game outs are limited, and therefore as the most important feature is that hitters do not make outs. On-base percentage is only way to measure a measure of the number of hitters do not make out of.

Walker found that the defense had little impact on the process of the game. Factors that affect the game garrison of only 5%. Pitcher is the most important factor to win, plus there is a good pitcher does not solve the opponent’s hitters, and this is the victory of the Formula One team. At that time the pitcher’s value on the market has been fully excavated, whereas the fight against, especially those with a high value of the player’s on-base percentage was at that time widely underestimated. Thus Alderson including subsequent Bean will be shining this idea to find inexpensive players.

The New York Mets Alderson smooth sailing, but his body is getting worse, he had also collapsed in the press conference

The New York Mets Alderson smooth sailing, but his body is getting worse, he had also collapsed in the press conference

It was removed after multiple stage movement to fight cancer return home

In 1998, Sandy – Alderson want to go to a bigger stage play to their ability. He put the team’s task to the Beane he went to the headquarters of the League. He had a small goal, that is, when he was president of the League Bud – Selig (Bud Selig) succession after retirement, and thus the functioning of a radical reform of the Union. Yet Selig continued re-elected president of the league, the day of his succession seemed nowhere in sight.

In 2005 he left the headquarters of the League, became the CEO of San Diego priest in 2010 and went to New York to become the general manager of the New York Mets. 2015 New York Mets won under his rule in the case of the National League championship is not optimistic about the crowd, they reached the World Series contest. Finally, the young Mets lost to the Royal Kansas second consecutive year to enter the World Series contest.

Alderson worked for the Metropolitan signing Danny - Murphy superstars such

Alderson worked for the Metropolitan signing Danny – Murphy superstars such

This year 71-year-old Alderson in the 2018 season due to health reasons outgoing general manager of the New York metropolitan office. According to doctors diagnosed him with cancer, so the rest home, his work were handed over to Omar – Minaya (Omar Minaya), JP- Liqiaerdi (JP Ricciardi) and John – Rico (John Ricco ) three assistants, three each tube one. After the 2018 season, Alderson’s contract expires, Mets owner Fred – Will Peng (Fred Wilpon) chose Brody – Fanwa root (Brodie Van Wagenen) as the team’s general manager of the new term.

About Alderson current physical condition, he referred to his weekend interview with chemotherapy process very well, it has been attached to four months did not detect the cancer cells, and can be re-return to work. He was very excited to be back as a second-tier athlete management consultant.

The former chief of staff John Alderson – Rico although not when the Mets general manager of the new term, but he will also change as the team’s senior vice president of baseball operations and assistant general manager in the team’s role. According to local media reports in New York, he is currently the team has created a new title – Senior Vice President and Senior Strategy Officer.

Team owner Will Peng said in a news conference: “For many years John (Rico) is a valuable asset of our team, I am very grateful that he decided to leave his team in a lot of things and have a wealth of knowledge. insights, he will be able to release new position more energy, helping the team achieve even greater success. “

Rico as head of the new position is not a single responsibility. He will continue to participate in the transaction part of baseball operations, and he will be the team’s CEO, Fred – Will Peng reporting, and play a bigger role in the club some key financial decisions.

Involved in baseball operations, according to the official news release metropolitan Rico will assist general manager of Brody in “salary arbitration, players control the baseball operations department and the total salary budget” aspect – Fanwa root in handling this matter.