The sleeper defensive end speed violation is arrested or gave up directly by the team.

US time on Wednesday, according to Arizona media reports, Robert Nkemdiche this month was carried out earlier this month, and the driver’s license was invalidated.

According to the police report, the speed of Kemdi is 75 miles / when driving speed, far exceeding 45 miles / hour.The police cut Kemdi in the morning at 6:30, and he explained that it was a training started at 7 o’clock.

Because the driver’s license is driven, Kenmdo is approved by the listening.

In addition, the report also pointed out that the police discovered a white powder in the KFC.However, the police decided not to investigate.

The official of the red scitch said that this incident that happened 6.6 has also notified the relevant departments of the Alliance.

The row refused to perform the fifth year of the Kenmdo New show contract.