The pirate team once again broke out, even the big hand, Krik or traded away

Beijing time, on September 11, according to the Alliance Related sources, the Word of the Pittsburgh Pirates after the 10th, Felip Vazquez and Kyle Cristk Hand, fight in Krick’s right hand in the fight. According to the news published by the team, Crek needs to accept tendon surgery, which will not debut this season. The team was fined by Crek and Wazquez at the same time.

Philip - Felipe - Wawzquez

Philip – Felipe – Wawzquez

Neal Huntington said in the statement: “The performance of these two players last night is completely unacceptable. Their all of them have violated the acts as a major alliance player, the team This kind of behavior is never tolerable. “

Nil - Huntington

Nil – Huntington

This is not the news that the pirates have passed out of the bucket first. According to the relevant reporters, the internal mutual time of the season is endless. Another team of teams, Keone KEAN, has also been involved in a similar dispute.

According to the reporter, local time July 21 Clarke triggered a conflict with team assistant Hetracto-Morales. This conflict has a great influence, many players and team staff witnessed this conflict.

Some people revealed that the team
coach Clint Hurdle was trying to pull the front rack, Kara didn’t have a confidence. When things are in trouble to a certain extent, the main coach generally chooses to intervene, and the player will generally not go to the head of the head.

At the second day of the press conference, pirates announced two games that Craine violated contract-related terms. When Clara was asked with the reason why he was suspended, he just said: “No matter what others say, I know what happened, I don’t want to prove anything. I won’t talk about this matter, no matter what Or the team is not beneficial. “

After 1 week of the Crang and the coach group, the pirates once again announced the suspension penalty – this time a steak coach Ocedes-Rojas (Euclides Rojas). According to sources, Luojas has conflicted with Crek before the start of the game, and finally put them in the next place. Afterwards, Pirates announced that Rojas did not have penalized for 2 associated with the contract.

According to relevant people, Creek complained to Rojas, and he didn’t – if all the aid pitcher had to go to the game before the game. At court. Rojas wants to make a multi-tube, so that the situation begins to upgrade.

Yesterday, the conflict, Crek and Wattquez were confront. To this end, Crek pays the price of the season reimbursement. It is also an unknown to play the ball in the future. If the team thinks that he and the relationship between Wawzqus has deteriorated to a place where the mountain is not a long tiger, the pirate will naturally consider transactioning him.



After all, Wawzqus is the top reimbursement in the alliance, and the performance of Krik this season is very bad. He cast a total of 49 games, the blanking rate of 4.96, the number of posents per nine bureau exceeded 6 times.

The wind wave in the pirate dressing room naturally affects the performance of the players. This has a negative impact on the position of General Manager Huntington and the head coach Hedger. Before a few seasons, the team’s overall construction was also very successful, and the 2013-2015 season team has entered the playoffs. However, since then, the team’s score has been a thousand feet, the team has not been in the playoffs for 4 years.

At the beginning of the 2018 Spring Training, at the time of David Freese and Josh Harrison have publicly appealed to the team to have a “victory culture” atmosphere. However, Frisse was traded in September 2018, and the pirate did not perform Harrison’s player option in the pirate season, so he also left the team.

Two players who have been able to say in the pirate dressing room are Jameson – Thai. At present, Seville has left the team, and Taiyang also reimbursed due to injury. In addition to them, most of the players in the team are still less than 3 years.

Contradictory clustered dressing room, plus bad records, pirates seem to have fallen into such a malignant cycle.