The perfect season with a grand prize-winning Bernes Insurance Sheng Wales got the national league

The MLB 2021 season’s racing award selection has just come to an end, and the Corbin Berns has split Zach-Whelevard. Both have got 12 head name votes, but the 14th votes of Berns have more than nine of Whele.

Milwaukee’s two reporters fill in the second ballot of Max-Xie Zer, Wheamen is the third and fourth place, and the two reporters of Philadelphia respective names Fill in the second place and third place.

Burns’s legendary season begins with the face of 58 players without being invasive, and finally, his record is 28 times a 167.0 bureau, with 234 three vibrations, and the self-sharing https://www.maillotsenligne.comrate is 2.43. K / 9 value is the highest 12.6, and each nine bureau is knocked out 0.4 Self-stricken hits are the least, the Senang is 6.88, and it is also the highest. A higher order of data, his tri-vibration rate is as high as 35.6%, and the FIP is only 1.63. It is the least large alliance. FIP is only higher than the 1.39 of Pedro Martinez in 1999, which is the second low in MLB history. .

The number of pigeons in the 167 bureau did not reach the usual situation. The minimum number of race prizes before the competition in the non-shrinkage season is three years ago. Board, but to a large extent, Burns can win a prize. The modern baseball requires a pitcher to go to each out of the number, Burns is missing for two weeks because the new crown is absent, and the winemaker is still a six-person round value. Many of his time is a rest five days before ushered in the next time. Burns became the third Sai Yang Award in the history of winemaking, 1981 and 1982 season, Zeng Lianzhuang Rai Yang Award, Fame Tang Baiji Rileid-Fenges and First Punme Pitt – Weskovic Take the Caiyang Award, but they still were also the United States, which can be said that this is the first national league of their team. Before this, the team than the winemaker class is a longer team is a tournament and Jinyu, and the rider has not had a competition in 1961, Jinyan is from 1980 Steve Si. Nobody won the award after passing.

In addition, Berns also participated in an innocent game. On September 12th, the Burns Eighth Bureau 115 ball is guaranteed, and the relaxation stick is handed over to Jishi-Black Hand. The hairstyle is not a lot of expectations, and the second time I got the team’s history, and I was in the first time I haven’t played since Juan-Nevis in 1987.