The patriot general is injured and the year-end will borrow the green army training hall Rehabilitation and Hayward play table tennis.

The United States local time on Thursday, the fifth week of the NFL regular season in the 2017-18 season. The New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis pony team with a score of 38:24. It is worth noting that this is the first game of the Patriots Team taken Julian – Edelman This season. This is also a more than a year in his stay. The first time I fight with the quartz Kham-Braddy. Last season, Edrman suffered a knee-torn torn torn in the preseason in the preseason, and reimbursed it early. In the first four games in this season, Edrman was banned from violating the contributing the discipline of the Athlete’s stadium.

However, even if Edelman has not participated in such a high-intensive football event, Braddy is very trusting this favorite pass target. In the first attack and defensive round after the opening of the game, Braddy came to find the Middle Road Edelman, and the 9-yard advancement was completed, and the latter’s return was also successfully declared. Also in this proposal, Braddy completed a 13-yard pass connection near the nearby midfield and Edelman. Subsequently, the Patriot team advanced the ball to the 7-yard line of the pony. However, running James – White did not get the number of codes in the first offense. Two-end attack, Braddy thought of Edelman, six yards pass steadily, the ball came to the hippike, and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent reached score. Three buses, three success, Endlman played a key role in the promotion of this patriot team.

Unfortunately, Edrman just returned to the venue still out of the ko. In the subsequent three-stage attack, Braddy tried to the left side of the road to try to connect Edelman, but the latter came off with unmanned prevention. The perfect record in Braddi 9 is ended, which is also the last half of the first half of Edelman to become the goal. In this half, the Patriot team has 43 offensive rounds, while Edrman participated in 29 and has been a team’s abandonment. The Patriot team is obvious to his trust.

In the first half of the first ball offense, Braddy is unfavorable in the unfavorable situation of the 5-yard line, or first find Edelman, short pass 4 yards. Subsequently, the key 3-speed 6 yards, Braddy’s choice is still Edrman, but unfortunately this pass has not been successful. The whole game, Edellman has 9 times to become the goal of Braddy, second only to the squandering, and the second place in the team. The four-year-old man is visible to the trust of the outer hand.

So, why Can Edelman have such a good reproduction? Perhaps this is to be attributed to the NBA team in Boston – Celtics. Based on reliable source, Edelman often visits the Green Army’s training facilities, and many mornings spend in the Celtics gym. More interesting is that Edrman also likes to play table tennis with the green army Xiaodong Gordon. It is important to know that Hayward has taken the high school tennis champion in Indiana.

For Edelman’s table tennis technology, Haido is awkward. He wrote in the text message gave reporter: “He (Edrman) is an excellent player. I have never played a table tennis with someone who moved like this. He is almost high to resist, what kind of ball It can be accepted. “As for the results of the two, Hayward has maintained a 9 worse than 1 negative lead. However, this green army’s core concern is not in the competition: “Our confrontation is always very focused. Can play with Edelman is a very interesting thing. We can attract a batch. Onlookers. “

It is worth noting that Hayward’s hometown Indiana is the main court of the patriots on Thursday night war – the horses’ home court. I don’t know if this Edelman’s friend is sorry for his hometown team? Still happy with your friends?


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