The patriot abandoned Geely Li to find the new east, and the weak running guard depth is relieved.

The 2013 draft selection meeting dolphine team team fifth round will bring Geemi to Miami.Then he turned Turning the Arizona Rush, Buffalo, the career promoted 1284 yards to complete 17 times.In 2016, Mike Geely, I started to emerge in Buffalobier, and the only 5.71 yard rankings were first, and they did not sound in Le Shien-McGaoqi.Red District efficiency and short code number punch is the cause of his patriot, so he is brought back to New England.During the stage of opening the stage, Geelis Li performance is very good. Although the battle is negated in the Chief of Kansas City, but Guilis Li rushed out of 3 to help the patriots got a lead.However, in the seven games, he only rushed out of 310 yards, so Geleis began to lose competitiveness, the main position gradually be replaced by Dion-Lewis and Rex-Burkheide, in the regular seasonIn the final stage, Geelis Li has become a substitute for the substitute, and the playoffs did not get a touch of ball.