The New York Metropolitan team and Houston Space team reached a transaction involving five players.Space people send JD-Davis (JD Davis) and Small League, Cody Bohanek, to Mandu, in exchange for three small union players – LUIS Santana), Owners, Ross Adolph, and Captive Scott Manea.The core player of this trading is the JD-Davis of the space. Davis is about 26 years old, and the third round in 2014 is selected by space candidates. His performance in the Small Alliance has attracted the attention of the big alliance scout. In the 2017 season, he has been rated as the top 15 new show in the space man by “baseball US”. Davis’s performance in the 2017 season is very good, especially after he raised the 3A League, it handed over the 3rd surrounding 0.335 / 0.400 / 0.589 and 22 bars. Despite his name, he also guards four positions in the 3rd base and left and right fields in the 3A Alliance.Although Davis has established his status in the team farm in the Small League, but he can’t make too much contribution to the space. Davis Davis in the 2017 season has only 68 opportunities in the Great Union, and Davis as a right call is good, helping the team to win the world series of championships.Although the 2018 season is not satisfactory, Davis is temporarily playing a speed of 92 miles / hour.However, the performance of Davis in 2018 is not ideal. He had a total of 181 shots for the spaceman for 2 seasons, and only 0.194 / 0.260 / 0.321 surrounded by the strike. Taking into account the four positions of the space in the first three bases, the four positions of the left and right fields, Davis did not have too many development spaces in space.Davis came to New York after the opportunity to increase. He will greatly deepen the depth of the bench and the bench of the field. He will become a Todder, Todd Frazier, New Yee (Peter Alonso), Dominic Smith and Jeff McNeil (Jeff McNeil) One in one) and the substitute for Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto. Since Davis has 2 options, there is still time to let him find the status of the time in the small alliance.Bohanek graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago, his strong playback ability is in the metropolis.To him, Bohanek, who came to the team, was 23 years old, and the 30th round of Space was selected by space. Now I have just hit 43 shots at high order 1A, but also need to hone in the small alliance.Space people are not worthless of this trading. Both the rookie sent, only 19-year-old Santana has entered the list of 30 new show, ranking 24th. In the scouting report of the official website, it is mentioned that the scouting of his mature blow strategy is full, and the degree of pain in his training is also impressive.Santana was rated as a sixth star of the metropolisLast season Santana ruled a rookie alliance, and the strikes were amazing 0.348 / 0.446 /0.471, and the number of guarantees (27) was more than the trivoma (23). Some experts believe that this trading is very “savvy” to Santana.Another rookie is 22 years old Adolf. He was chosen by the Metropolitan team in 2018, and he started his career at low order 1A. In 264 shots, his hit three surroundings were 0.276 / 0.348 / 0.509, and 7 pensions were played and 14 pirates.Madia’s small alliance team fireflies in the metropolis team has a magical July that hits the hits.23-year-old Madia’s 40th round of 2014 was selected, as a catcher, he has been mixed in the metropolitan farm for many years. However, he has not risen over 2A yet. However, the General Manager of Space Man Jeff Luhnow is hoped to him. In the interview, Luno believes that Madia “will soon rise to the high-level alliance, he has the ability to be based on the big alliance.”In addition to this transaction, it will also have two transactions. They changed from the winemaker to Keon Broxton, and the Catcher Kevin Plawecki was exchanged for the chip for the walker lockett. Sam Haggerty. They all strengthened the depth of the metropolis in different locations.Juan-Lagarez has missed many games due to the toes, thumb and other injuries.The 28-year-old Blockston can replace the main Chinese and foreign wilder Juan Juan Lagares. He is the right call, and he can keep the right field. Considering the glass properties of Lagres (68 times in the past three seasons), Blockston is a very important insurance.The 24-year-old Lockte is an ideal rear-end wheel value pitcher in the management of the management, and can also enrich the depth of the team 3a lineup. (The subordinate 3A team also has the old League Old League, Hector Santiago, Wilder, Rajai Davis and Gregor Blanco). Jason Vargas is about 36 years old, and it is not the best last season. Locke has the opportunity to compete for the position of the big league.After doing a few big transactions, the general manager of the Metropolitan General Budget will be

made after the capture of the capture.

This year’s snap-Wahgen has traded three 2018 elected players, they are the first round of Xiujrad – Kellernik and 12 rounds of Artors.