The net wins 55 points, the lake is the strongest lineup released! Copy the Warriors? Woger is so bold, too big

The Lakers defeated the piston today, and the coach Woger was in the interview after the game, said such a word:

“Lebrang’s five-bit position will continue to be part of the team tactics.”

“We are still experimenting, always checking without a center lineup, what kind of effect will be achieved.”

This time, many people may feel that Watt, Watt,
who believes that Watt, thinking to give up the center, is equal to giving up defense.

Especially when I encounter Nuggets, when I have a team, I will even have the most basic rebound guarantee.

However, as the saying goes: demand in richness.

The emperor thinks that the approach of Warger’s sword is in front of the Shou, which will become the strongest killer of the Lakers.

Water giving up the center, using James passenger strokes to play a small ball tactics, it seems that it is not good.

What is actually? It is the lake’s current lineup system.

NBA official website data statistics show that when Warger discharges Wei Shao + Monk + Elington + Anthony + James’s five-person group, although the Lakers will fall 4.2% in the defensive rebound efficiency, but they off-attack It has accumulated a total of 54.9 more than 54.9, and the first team in the high team.

As a contrast, the most common set of lineups of the Lakers is Wei Shao + Bezmore + James + Embugebow + Xiao Jordan.

The five players played a total partner for 47 minutes, and the negative opponent was 15.7 points.

James has 11.7% in the season in the season, in the center position, which is a new high career.

Although it will cause greater losses to his body, it is occasionally used.

Especially at a critical moment, when Warger suddenly discharged to the small ball lineup of Lao Zhan, it is easy to play a slap in the opponent, such as today’s array piston.

Wei Shao + Monk + Elington + Anthony + James’s lineup, not only makes the ball allocation between the stars become simpler, but also makes the lakes to maximize space.

What is the effect it brought?

will become more efficient, James score is also more relaxed.

Data statistics have been very straightforward, and the former is 26.2 points in the past 5 battles, and the latter is 34 points.

The Warriors have long proved that the true meaning of the five tactics of death, depends on the player in the center position.

The reason why the Lakers can successfully complete because James is a super high version of Dramond Green.

When he served as a center, he can directly pull the opponent directly out of the penalty area, and form a slight-sized situation.

In addition, Howard is good, Xiao Jordan is also, this brother is now difficult to complete the defense after the shirt.

James played five, the Lakers in the rebound, although it will lose their guarantees, but enhance the mobile phone.

Unlimited replacement defense can create more fast attacks between players.

I have been fighting the center, definitely unreal, after all, James is old, need to be protected.

But in some specific time, death is five small, it is really likely to be a secret weapon in Walgel.

Take the risk, often get a unreasonable effect …