The national ping has taken so many world championships, but the income is not as good as football basketball, will you be unbalanced?

There is not so low in GuoTin, and only a very different player’s income is higher than the national ping.

The owner said that the Guetenaway athlete refers to the world champion. Table tennis is called “national ball”. On the one hand, because the Hallow Republic of China has got the first world champion, on the other hand, it is also because the national ping is in the past few tens. The annual care industry is successful, becoming the world table tennis hegemony.

The national income of the national tennis world is not low. Even before the Beijing Olympics, the number of people with the highest income has table tennis players, Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Wang Nan, etc. As a full-time, the accumulated table tennis champion bonus has a few 100,000, the most luxury car is a table tennis athlete. The one-year table tennis has a large and small competition at least 20, the Chinese team has a dozen unsuccessful problems, and the table tennis champion is almost a household name, and the basketball player has only a high sense of personal being. Especially after the Rio Olympics, the table tennis
athletes are fired, and the business value is on the previous layer.

The world champion, the status of the Olympic champion, the honor is a basketball player can’t get in a lifetime. In the case of the annual income of the year, it is not a problem, and several table tennis players in the National Games are in the top ten. As long as they enter a team Table tennis athlete’s income is 20W start, and it is not much lower than ordinary basketball players.

Table tennis players are relatively low