The four tower bands a big win 26 points! 7 voted 0 points, won the 90 million contracts and did not work?

On December 2, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued. Today, the hot fire is hitting the challenge. Now the knight is no longer a weak brigade that people deceived. This season has won a lot of hard, plus Today, Badler and Adebay’s lack, and the game has added a lot of suspense. In the final knight, I didn’t have a game suspense. When they ended the opponent’s 20 points, the final team was 111-85. Great win 26 points.

This kind of knight wins still thanks to their internal line, because Mobi and Jalet Allen have turned into the clouds in the inner line. As a result, the heat has to focus on the inside, which also makes the knight shooter have got opportunities. Fortunately, they are not expensive. The whole team three-pointed 31-spent 16 mid-live medium is as high as 51.6%, this bureau Tialite Allen 8 shot 19 points 11 rebounds, Moberi 10 shot 5 in 5 bodies, 11 rebounds 4 assists 4 blocks .

Today, the third Tower Malkanin’s important shooter is not good as an outside line. The audience is only 2 in the audience. Three points 5 1 will take 6 points and 1 rebound, but it is good at Le Fuxi. The field 9 is 6, three points 8 in 6, the 22 points 6 rebounds 3 assists, if Le Fu can continue to play this performance, he is not far from the team. I have to say that Billstav’s three tower system is really useful, let Mobley and Allen kill in the inner line, supplemented by Malkan, can’t have Lefula, and there is also a killing of the team. . Pretty good.

The most powerful of the heat is Hiro, but his efficiency is not very good. The whole game is 23 voters 9, and the three points 7 in the 21st points of the rebound 6 assists, the whole game is covered 4 times quite depressed, Lori is not very good, the audience 9 shots 2, three points 5 in 1 to win 7 points 4 rebounds 4 assists 1 steal data, Dade Mund is good, take 11 points 13 rebound 3 assists, Strus 10 points, Vincent and Kales Blanter cut 11 points.

The heat of this service is the most satisfying is Dunlo. Today, Dunlo has 7 in the audience. Three points and 6 in 0. In addition to winning 1 steal, the other four data hang 0, You said that a 20-minute player played this performance, saying that he is not watering you? Even if he is a number of other tasks on the field, it should not be able to play the performance of this. It is really a bad.

If you can accept this game, it is also acceptable. The key to Dunlo’s performance is not satisfied. 31.8% of the three-point hit rate, one shooter punishment is as low as 62.5%, what did this explain? Either it is not working, or it is a negative game.

We must know that Dunlo has just signed a 5-year 89.91 million contract in the offset period, close to 90 million, a pure shot is very rare, from here we can also see the heat The expectation, and how good his past performance, the three-point threshold of Dunlo in the past two seasons has exceeded 40%, and the counting of the average of more than 3.5, but this season has fallen cliffs decline, whose looks Also think is a premium contract.

I didn’t work for the big contract, or it was a negative competition, which is not a good news for the heat.