The fairy fight will open the ram and the emirate epic epic.

God fairy fight? Sure. Super bowl preview? possible. The best two teams in the league? no doubt! On November 20th, Beijing, on Monday, Monday, Monday Nights, the Kansas City Chief VS Los Angeles Roof Peak. This game was previously promoted by NFL and various media: the year is the best, ten years, the battle … The final Los Angeles ram defeated the chief at home 54-51, the game is far away Benefic!

The Jiangshan has talented people, a generation of newcomers change old people, fairy fight, all open. You may already know that this is the first two teams in the history of NFL to 50 points, and there is also a team in the leadership of the league. A total of 216 teams in history have got 50+ points in the game, and the record is 216-0). Look at the scoreboard, the ram and the eating 105 points, which ranks third in the history of NFL, and this is also the highest race in 773 in NFL history.

The two teams of the ram and the chief cut a total of 1001 yards, of which the air is 827 yards and the ground 174 yards. A total of 144 rounds, 7 abandoned kicks, produced 7 mistakes, including 11 of the offensive group, 3 to the defensive group, a total of 9 players completed the Deta. 6 times alternately leading the game, only 4 times in the fourth game entered the climax, and each team had two consecutive scores. The maximum difference between the two sides appeared in the first section, and the chief opening is 13 points. After that, the two teams were very anxious, no one can eat the opponent a silence until the last moment is divided.

As for the course of the game, I think it can be summarized by two superhero movie theorem:

A. Thunder Vs Rocky, Batman vs Clown – the opponent’s forces, eventually determines the height of the superhero.

B. No one expects them to fall between love, but they still talked out.

All the alliances of this season have all set a new high, with the passage of the lead, maybe we recall after a few years, this epic’s miles will be a milestone, he has everything you want to see. . Jarid Gaoff and Patrick – Show us why they are the most talented young quarters of the league. Sean McDene and Andy Reed proves why they are one of the best coach of the league, the best offensive master. Why is Todd-Galley and Carrim Hunter, why is now the head 2 of the NFL rankings.

Wearing red coat, how can you be cold!

Even if the ram opening is 13-0 leader, we also saw Mahms led the emirate chasing. Since this, the two teams have risen alternately. Choosing the Chief of Kansas City means that you have chosen bloody, proud, not afraid, you will have a passion of the passion of the Tower of Dubai Tower. Mahmus threw 478 yards to create a career, 6 times to chase a career record, and also created a quarter-quarter-off record of Night Night.

Of course, Mahms is not lacking in fatal mistakes, and the last time two copies have paid their own young people. According to ESPN, Mahmus has a player’s data statistics in 1933. The first player appeared in a single game and 5 mistakes in a single game. This game was copied 3 times. I know that he only sent 7 cases in the top 10 games.

The offense of the chief is undoubtedly better than the ram. Tail-Hill 10 times will get 215 yards and 2 to more than 2nd. You will find that he is nowhere in the field, and the kick is coming back to him. It is him, which is open for teammates. It is his or him. All games, Hill left like a big bomb, and the killing object is also unstable, this behavior has a charge in the Criminal Law: Hazardous Method is harmful to public safety.

Never 小 小 光 防 防 组

It can be said that this is the most smooth game played by the two teams this season. They whistling like magnetic hanging, but Andy Reed’s brow is always tightened. Because the ownership and overall state of the defensive group players are all he care, and today, he has never found the person who is a hammer sound in the defensive group. Instead, you look at Sean-Mac Wei’s smile, he found it.

The male team can win, we must worship the defending group to give the defense group, and the Samson Ebucam and the defensive cutaway Alon – Donald once again impacted Mahms, they made 2 key mistakes directly 14 points. The two remembers were completed by Ebucam, including a copy of the Cassette, and picked up Donald to make a decline. Donald has also completed 2 killing and 2 manufacturing, and he was at all, and the performance of cold ice data was presented.

This chief is really not a team of defenders, especially in Eric Berry, Marcus-Peters sells, and the defensive second-line is soothing is their greatest soft, you only have not Keeping a loss, you can always find a vulnerability and then abolish their defense. At the same time as Mahmems kills special kill, the extensive manifestations of Janji Garyfrie’s performance did not fall, 49 pass 31 promoted 413 yards to get 4 Dali, and there is a punch to pay the ball, 117.1 The passage score is only 0.6 points lower than Mahms (117.7).

Guess the process, but I can’t think of the end.

“When you exclude all options, the last last one, even if it looks hard, it is true.” So we saw the ram to get the ball in the last two minutes refused to use the road surface mushroom Instead, the rapid three stops out again and replace the defensive group. Gaofu and Donald hit each other during the attack and defensive transitions, I as if I heard the voice of the sound of Cuan: “Brothers, the difficult task of dragging the one’s thief is handed over!”

Then, it is another copy …

Hugo believes that the UK is slightly naive and tenacious. Liu Bang said that he is not as good as Xiang Yu, just happens to use people. In turn, the talented loser, always lacking there, those winners, negligible things. In fact, like Mahms, Kelps, Hill and Hunter have already played their own characteristics. They are looking forward to this self-attack group powerful offensive firepower to go to black, producing the effect like it. . But no choice but, they encountered the most luxurious team of alliance defensive groups, perhaps this defensive group still has such problems, but their talent is top-level, and a group of dare to die, and make a ball several times. Right transformation. This is a game belonging to the offensive group, but the last tail is the defensive group!

Throwing up the ups and downs of the plot and the wonderful scenes, the ravers took 54-51 to the last hard bones on the super bow, Shawn Macwei used a victory to retain the hopes of the United States and the United States, prove Yourself is the union top offensive master, by the way, and contain some saints that want to re-raise the head.

The fairy fell to a paragraph, but NFL will never wait. The rivers and lakes are far away, the season is still long, our super bowl!

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