The brothers used to spray Zhu Zhu on the Internet today: "Don’t quarrel with the fool"

Antonio-Brown and Zhu Zhu-Sment Schuttere have been a very good teammate, with the Brown transfer Auckland raid, his criticism of the front of the frontier Pittsburgh steelman has never stopped, now he points the spear to the head. Zhu Zhu. Just like many of the plots of modern football, this brother’s wall of the drama begins with a social platform.

In the twitter, Zhu Zhu was in the steel man, praised the promotion of this team MVP, a steel man fans put the label of “Human Horse”, and thought that Brown Zhu Zhu took MVP and once Dissatisfied. The brown was brought into attack and burned the war to Zhu Shou. He said that the MVP in the eye is that the team cannot be counted in the seasons: “He is in the most important game last year. Take the ball, now you are blowing him, see clear realism. By the way, help you recall. “

Brown refers to the 16th week of regular season, the Steel Man is against the New Orleans Saints. At that time, the steel man controlled the ball in the last minute, only three points behind, and the big passed the ball and found Zhu Zhu to advance the ball to the front field. Within 40 yards, it is at this time, Zhu Zhu took off the ball, and the saints grabbed the ball, the end of the game, and the steel man regretted. Brown said the facts, looking at the entire season of steel people, this time this time the critical node in the hitting game is unlimited. And that ball has also become Brown’s last game in the steel man, and later Brown and steel people did not be, the offset season was sent to the raid.

Interestingly, Brown has just published a “Leting Personal Emotion away from the Internet” in the two hours of the rebound. The result is that the voice is not falling. Not long, Zhu Zhu also responded to Brown accusation in the social platform. He thought as a good brother for the past. In order to wash itself, he threw the pot to his head. It is too much to do it. “Don’t let the Internet become Your venting market! From the moment I entered the alliance, how do I do? I am full of respect, help each other. When he got a big contract in Auckland, I am worried about my heart. He is happy. But what about him? Now black me in the social platform? Unbelievable! Even people who love you !!! “

Brown criticism may be yet, but it is not necessary. At the end of the game, Zhu Zhu smashed the tears to apologize to the team, and disappointed. If you don’t have to flip the old account, the steel people can’t enter the playoffs. You can do more. For the Dang Buddha Wild Horse, the Big Ben’s Passage is copied, the ball originally designed tactics is aiming to Brown; they even lost the raids that only win four games throughout the season. Zhu Zhu pushed 1426 yards in 111, in 2018, both of the data were the first and 7 times of the team (15 times). Therefore, although Zhu Zhu’s mistakes have indeed paying expensive costs, all the farewells of the season have fair on a second-year player.

Brown’s dialect, lifting the stone, killing his feet, now people turn the muzzle to attack Brown ruthless, small belly, fans, may remember Zhu Zhu’s ball, but also remember Brown after seeing Zhu Zhu to get the team MVP after seeing Zhu Zhu Frustrality and dissatisfaction. In fact, Zhu Zhu entered the alliance throughout the career only had to drop the ball, but this time, he was caught by Brown.

Finally, Zhu Zhu also issued a tweet, quoted a famous saying: “Never quarrel with the fool, the bystander can’t see the difference between you and the fool.”