Thank Zhan Huang Paul! 56-year-old name Thank you: they have paid a lot of heart for retired players.

The injury is like a tiger. If you ask a player, what is the most worried question, it is a dangerous injury. NBA is a career that eats youth, once the players can’t do financial management, it is easy to fall behind. Especially for those players talked for decades, they need help to the medical security plan.

A few days ago, the 56-year-old King, Kings, Midd, Richmund, talked about the important contributions of James, Anthony, Paul and Wade et al. In 2015, the former NBA player Darier Daokins and Moses Masawa were died of illness. One of the reasons is that they did not enjoy good medical benefits after retiring, and older life was more bleak.

In 2016, the President of the Player Chairman Paul and the President of the Alliance took forward new medical security measures, plus the legendary superstar Jordan, the actual development of James, Anthony and Wade and others, the alliance finally reached a Foundation For those retired players who are at least 3 years in the alliance, they provide lifelong medical benefits.

Since August 2013, by departing from August 2021, Paul is committed to helping the players strive for huge words during the Chairman of the Player. Since the league signed a huge broadcast contract, the salary capsule, the salary income of the alliance players also started the boat. At this stage, players’ income environment and voice have finally been greatly changed.

As a senior, a lot of old players like Mickey-Richmond, can’t experience this era of richest, and they also live. But as a young generation, James, Paul and others have strongly promote medical security measures, so that those who have contributed to the development of the Alliance, enjoy a good benefits. To this end, Richmond grateful to the efforts and efforts of young people in interviews.

It is worth mentioning that the 18-year-old NBA player team headed by Tony Allen is the use of this health care plan for the operation of fraudulent. As the rules are perfect, the relevant cases will be less and less. These players also need to realize that they must contain self-inferiority. After all, their interests may affect those retired veterans.