Super bowl topic is still continuing to patriotic wire guards spit ram attacks no new intentions

Although numerous teams have worked in the new season, it is only two weeks from the end of the super bowl, or many people have to arrive in this competition, especially for those who like to watch defenders. Say. It is possible to let the rules of the Rupting League’s attack on the super bowl only 3 points, and the patriotism’s defensive strategy is arranged to be punching to meat, which is extremely targeted. Although the Subtock 4-point Weiner-Hoyell’s “steal” makes their defensive groups can have targeted arrangements, but the team’s wire guards Kyle Vanoui recently said in the show, he was more surprised The offensive routine of the male goal is not changed and new! This may be the key to the success of the team defense.

Vanoi mentioned in the show that he was shocked to the extensive offensive preparation for the superb bowl, because all the offensive routines played by the racquer are within their preparation! “I can’t believe it,” Vanoi said, “They have no new ideas in a little! I am thinking about” What is going on? ‘They have so many excellent players, they are attacking all over The aspect is so good; and in this game, they only bring us a little bit of trouble, that is, Brandin Cooks almost reached the time, this is not! “

“It is also possible that we are so good, so that they don’t know what to do.” Vanoi said. Indeed, they have enough good enough, they keep in the most important game (3 points) and the least first attack (14 times) in the most important game. Let the martial arts from the bus team, only a total of 260 yards, and the passing of the 198 yards, let Heker got 9 abandoned. Such defensive status also brings greater confidence in their defensive groups in the game, and the camera has taken the fourth quarter to the team’s defensive group. “They really can’t beat us. We can’t put the game I am smashing, as long as we add strength, they can’t get it! “

This contributing to the super bowl stage, 3 times, the excellent line guards of the four-point guard hit were surprised to the ram team, but in fact, the ram team still changed. According to NEXT GEN Stats, Shawn McDona has 91.2% of the regular season in the regular season, is using 11 Personnel (1 running guard, 1 close to the end, three external connections), the success rate of offensive Up to 55%, the highest in the alliance; in the super bowl game, the futon usage rate is reduced to 78.3%, while the success rate is only 40%. This makes them to make some adjustments in the second half, using some other array, such as the configuration of the double-running bare end, but is too late.

Maybe Vanoi has ignored these small details, but he still immersed in the joy of victory, the Patriot team’s defensive group has been a disease, and their crowded number is second, only better than the raid team. This made a lot of criticism from Vanoi as a wire guard. However, after the super bowl, they can raise their eyebrows. “I am proud of our team, this is sure. The coach helps us to succeed, our players have a lot of players, and we have many excellent players, without a thorns, this may be our success.”