Space man pitcher Cole reached 200 triathary completion speed is second only to Johnson

On July 23, Beijing time, Houston Space, Right, Garitton, Lead team, defeated the Auckland sportsman at 11-1, and he reached a milestone in the season of 200. This season’s Ko-merit is only the time problem, and his 200K speed ranking history second.

This milestone happened to the fourth game today, when Cole was 98 miles / hour quartz speed of Matt-Olsen, reached the 200k achievements of the season. According to statistics, the number of Kori is 133 and 1/3, second only to the “giant” Langdi – Johnson’s 130 and 2/3 bureaus in the 2001 season.

“This is a good achievement,” Cole said after the game.
“When you are brought and” giant “, it is already very special. As one of the best pitks, Langdi Johnson is a bit like folklore for some young pithers. I may be in order to This milestone has a drink at this evening. But for me, I have left at least 13 times left, so I need to keep the low-key continue. “

Cole exposed the first game in the 2019 season (Single-owned self-sharing rate of 4.50), but his first game is perfect in today’s game. The reason why Cole can have such a pressure and volatility, and the super fast quartz speed ball is matched with a single hand, he sends 11 three vibrations today.

Since May 27th, Korr nearly 11 were first won the amazing https://www.mlbtrikot4.comrecord of 7 wins and 0, which was 2.03 in this time and 10 high-quality first.

Space Man Fireball male Corner is currently ranked first in the League Sanzhen Ruple list, and the K / 9 value 13.5 is also the same, the big alliance single season record is held by the “giant” of the 2001 season “Monster”. In addition, today’s competition is also the 12th quarter of the Cole this season, the record of the Alliance is 14 times in J.R-Richard in the 1978 season.