Single season is full of two degrees! Crow 4 points Wei Jackson

November 11th (Wen / ESPN Jamison Hensley Compile / Love) When 0 wins 8 losses, the Tiger team seems to have a winning and negative suspense that seems to game when I have just robbed 8 wins 0. Sure enough, in the face of a strong enemy, the Tiger team did not fight the work, and 13-49 lost a losing armor. Against the crow, except for a smooth victory, four-point sacrier Jackson (Lamar Jackson) was used to conquer all the fans with a super god.

Creating a total of 47-code scorpion, a new high, a total of 47-code blessings, can only become the epitome of Jackson’s excellent performance, the change of the ecstasy and back movement is simply a running guard. In the pass end, Jackson’s performance is also excellent, 17 pass 15, promote 223 yards, 3 records of the ball to reach, 4-point guards 158.3 points!

Is this a bit more eye? That’s right, when I face the dolphine team in the first week of the regular season, Jackson completed the wonderful performance of the four-point guards. With this game, Jackson also became a four-point guard in the history of the second place in history, and the previous one is the three-dimensional Weight of the steel person. – Ben Roethlisberger, he did this in 2007. The great four-point guards such as Tom Braddy, Dru-Bris have not had such performance.

“I will tell yourself at the end of daily training, I am a quadruplicate.” Jackson said, “I want to prove that my daily exercises is not white feet, I have taken this seriously; if I am training I miss a pass, I will be very angry. “

Indeed, last season Jackson birthplace makes many people question whether he can become a passage of the NFL level competition. In the first game of this season, he broke this question on the dolphine team. While he is full of performance in his single season, he also became a four-point guard in the sixth career in NFL history, and he only used 16 first game.

“He is so incisive, you run against the line, he will pass the ball to the location you want.” Nick Boyle said, “You see his wonderful biography today. Ball, this is a matter of many people think he can’t do; and this is what he is so incredible, he can do anything. “

When confronting the worst defense against the Alliance, Jackson ranked a great performance. Before the end of the third quarter, he was promoted by 223 yards, 15 passed forward to the “card delivery”. This is the same as the drama of the season’s first battle, but it is worth mentioning that in addition to the squatting before the end of the half, every wave of attacks led by Jackson is the end!

Of course, the 47-code shock ball of the tiger is reached, although the main scene of the tiger team is fell into the ice point, but all the fans except the tiger team is dead. When the crow coach John Hubble said that when I said: “I said to many offensive coaches, they will hold our competition in the next few decades to repeatedly study. Now everyone looks When it is, our attack is. “

This 47-size shock ball is also the longest quarter-shock ball for the 62-point guard against the 2017 Cam NEWTON 62 code. At the same time, it is also 2012 The Ray Rice Rice Rice 51 Socha Rod The ball has the longest time. When asked if this is his best performance in his career, Jackson said: “I don’t know, I really don’t know, this is not important; as long as we can continue score, continue to advance.”

According to third-party data, Jackson became the first single field 15 passed by the first single field and got a full score, and there were still 50 yards to add 1 sho of the squid. Even the main teachings of the opponent Tiger team Zac Taylor also assinds him to the word: “He is one of the most exciting players, he is full of fire, I really want to know other What can I do to stop him because he is now indeed. “

Under the excellent performance of Jackson, the crow has already achieved a 3-loss of the proud record, and the Patriots from the Meitian head name 8 wins and 1 losses are only 1 win, and they are related to the victory. The patriot team was defeated. Such performance even conquered the fans of the Tiger Team, in the third quarter, the Paul-Brown Stadium rang the voice of “MVP”!

“I will definitely vote,” Tiger Team Safe Wei Xian – Williams said, “He is definitely the best player we encountered this year, I pay tribute to him, and I have completed it to him. Pay tribute to the game. “