Shencheng Derby hitly: ignite Chinese football passion again

Shencheng Derby is moving!
The long-awaited Shencheng Derby is about to fight in Dalian! Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai Harbor will pass two rounds of 180 minutes, and decide the team that eventually entered the finals of the Football Cup! As the most concerned about the Chinese professional football, how can you miss it? At 15:20 pm tomorrow, the five-star sports channel and the new media platform will live in Shencheng Deby, so stay tuned!
2021 Chinese Football Association
Undoubtedly, the two teams have thousands of autumn in the competition and cup of competition, and the League in the League rely on stable state and strong attack power, so that they have always maintained the competitiveness of the group group, and the Shenhua is in the cup. The perseverance that is sufficiently tough, brought two Football Cup championships for Shanghai in 17 and 19 years in recent years! Under the influence of the epidemic situation in the past two years, the two teams in the Football Cup of the Football Cup or will show a different kind of wonderful!
Let us see what highlights in Shenhua Harbor?
Since Shanghai Shenhua has not entered the chart in the first phase of the superior in this season, Shenhua will be higher than the remaining three teams entering the semi-final. This season, the Football Association Cup came all the way, from Sichuan people to Changchun Yant to the Shenzhen team, the four games did not lose a ball, and the fans saw the team’s solid defense, especially with Shenzhen Hands in hand, the whole extension of Shenhua is hard to rely on the defensive to enter the semi-final.
In addition to continuing to do defense, if you want livenew to occupy an advantage in Shencheng Demi, it is far more than this:
Yang Yi
Five-star sports chief reporter
There are many young players, but after a few footprints experience, young players have got a lot of exercise, especially young doors who put Chen Wei fell out a few single-knife balls with Dalian people. This is also reminded Shenhua 10 million. I can’t think of Yan Junling, Wang Haochao, Li Qian, etc., there is a lot of opportunities, facing younger opponents, the old people should rely on enough competition experience to mobilize their opponents. At the end of the offensive, Dunbia often produces great pressure to the opponent defense line in the frontport. And if you can’t debut, in addition to Maleno and Jonesi, Adrian will be a key to debut. Although the previous Football Cup is not going to play, he will reduce samachar 24×7 the failure of the team’s attack and defense transformation. This is a problem that will be solved by Shenhua.

Shanghai Harbor entered the context of the Football Association Cup, Harbor did not encounter strong opponents, while the semi-finals and Shenhua ‘s consolidation will extremely test the ability of the team to fight hard! Relying on the outstanding play of young players, the main force of Harbor has also taken a certain time, compared to the body of the opponent’s harbor, the most important thing is that the return of Oscar in the Harbor of the Shangxuan, this is especially Key point.
Although the overall strength is dominant, there are other factors that need to be paying attention to the harbor:
Wang Zheng
Five-star sports host
Oscar’s return is undoubtedly the best news, but the lack of long-term lack will mean today o that he needs to look for the game, so it is good to integrate with the team in another foreign aid. In addition, young players play a few games to make us realize that they can be able to come up, Liu Zhun’s continuous goal, including Li Shenyuan, Chen Chunxin, Chen Dynasty, Zhang Wahamine, their debut can make up The short board in the harbor, while the play of the game does not motivate the entire team to inspire more potential. Once again, I came to Shencheng Debi, and the defense for harbor is a test. Considering the gap between the League and Shandong Taishan, the Football Association in this season is equivalent to the harbor!
“In addition to mentality, Li Yan, Five-Star Sports Commenor, also highlighted the role of team foreign aid to play in the game, and also said that if the harbor wants to win the focus.
Li Yan
Five-star sports football commentator
After the Polygonio joined, played more excellent in the front position, and the ball was turned to the breakthrough, and the cooperation with Oscar became tacit. If you can continue to play this ability in the front position, you will give the team. Bring a lot of help, and Oscar injury after returning, the skill recovery has also needed to see, the two rounds will be very critical for his use, after all, he is the absolute core of the team under health, but considering the Mao Yijun probability The players will focus on the Oscar, after which they are restricted, Poancy, Lv Wenjun, and how to participate in the organization will be extremely tested by Rhaco’s instructions. Attacking Demolic Harbor needs to do the quality of the border of the border, and the enthusiasm of the reverse team member is sure to be strong, try to reflect this advantage in the game. In addition, the conveyance, success rate, including how decisive and bravely passing around the penalty area, these details are in place, and the winning of the harbor may be slightly larger.

Regarding the Shencheng Depai, in the football team, I usually leave a lot of classic memories for the fans. In 2015, the two teams in the Football Association Cup 1/4 finals became the more than 3-3, and called China’s professional football. The most exciting game in history is not over. In 2017, the two teams in the Football Cup finals are even climax! Today, Shencheng Debi will once again staged the Football Cup, this “contradictory dispute” may once again arouse the enthusiasm of the fans again, and ignite the enthusiasm for the gradual silent Chinese football!
At 15:20 pm tomorrow, the five-star sports channel and the five-star sports major new media platform will live in the 2021 season China Fung Association Cup semi-final: Shanghai Shenhua VS Shanghai Harbor’s first round of the first round, please pay attention! Let us cheer for the football in Shanghai!
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