Series Courses | "Learning the Basic Skills of Friendship" with the Friendship of Football State "11 · 9 officially launched

22nd CUFA Big Foot League Province

All times of india ludhiana epaperprovinces and cities are in full swing

In order to help players standardize and consolidate technical action

More scientific training, prepare for war

Also in order to make zero-based, I don’t know how to get started.

Can participate and feel the charm of football

Small female foot research agency in combination with tomorrow world sports

Launch a series of courses together

“Learning basic skills with female football team”

Front women’s foot national foot Wang Dandan teaching

Wang Dan Dan

Current Chinese women’s tdy live news football U14 national team coaching group member

Chinese Football Association Trainer Lecturer

Siapin A Coach

Front national female football team player

2004 female footstereast

2008 Football Asian Cup Army

12 courses quickly master football basic skills

Cooling the ball, the ball, the plate, the ball, aaj tak news delhi khabar the fake action, the people, etc.

Learning and training of basic actions

Take a video demo + method of explanation

Active demonstration, decomposition

Zero-based classmates can also understand

Since November 9th, I have a Tuesday, 4 18:00

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Curriculum related information

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Here we share everything of football to girls, including growth / promotion / employment, explore the young training and education in the football scene. Contact us, learn about “Football and Female Leadership” and other courses

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