Saints are interested in demolition to race, the front of the Geminites

According to the inferior of the ESPN, the Mingnesota Viki people ran to Tatavius ??Murray deliberately with the New Orleans saints for 4 years, which might mean the end of the David Mark Enghara Saint Player career.

Before Virgin selected Darwin in 2017, Murray joined the team in the offset period and was considered to be Aderian Peterson’s successor. Out of the respect for Peterson, Murray even went to the No. 25, not the 28th jersey wearing.

But final Cook won the starting position. However, when Saikku was torn before the knee, Murre became the first and the Jereko-McKinnon partner. The 2017 season Viking Suspension Ranking League seventh and entered the national contest.

In the last year, Viking recombacted Murray’s contract to avoid it from the cause of wage. However, this restructuring also led to the original third year of contract, which made him become a free player this year.

Due to Cook in the last season, Murray fails to fill the air again. In 16 games, he first issued six games, and the total polic ball obtained 578 yards 6 times. He once expressed his ability to play the starting running guard this year after the end of the season.

Ingram will be 30 years old in December this year, which is an age to start disappointing by many teams. However, Englem played a career optimal performance in the past three seasons.

In the past two seasons, he and the combination of Alquin-Kamara achieved great success. In the 2017 season, the total number of offensive codes of the two exceeded 1500 yards, becoming the first running guard combination to achieve this achievement, including the highest 1124 yards in the career in Engraz. Last season, after four games started, his role gradually decreased to two running guards, and finally the ball was 645 yards, and the ball was 170 yards, and the total was 6 times.