Saint General is highly said that it is not worthy of celebrities or even like Little Manning

The New Orleans Saint Team and Pittsburgh Steelman are about to usher in a match. In order to encourage the team, in order to combat the steel man’s morale, Saint star player Cameron – Jordan is released. The defensive end said that the steel man quasi-Rosolis Berg did not match a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, and it also said that the big basin is not the first five quarters of the top five in this era.

With regard to the elite four-dimensional discussion, personal data and band-team scores are a very important indicator, and Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP are also the honor of elite quarterves must have. However, in Cameron Jordan, even if the big book holds two championships, he still does not match the famous player. After the training of Saints this week, Jordan accepted the reporter’s interview. When he heard the reporter’s question about “Datun is a famous player player, what do you have to think”, Cameron Jordan The expression is very unhappy, this strong man puts forward: “Really? Do you really think he can become a famous player?”

“Speaking, in this era, will you put him in the top three? In my opinion, he did not match the top five.” Cameron Jordan seems to be very hatred, he This topic is full of personal emotions. In addition, this strong man referred to the top five or four points in his heart, “Drew Bris, Tom-Breddy, Alon Rogers, Pedon – Manning is a four-day king that is not movable. And in individual In the career, Philip-Rivers do better. If you want to discuss the superb bowl score, then I will put Eli Manne in front of the front, no doubt, Elays Manning has two super bowls “

Interestingly, after Cameron Jordan sent these remarks, many people were accused, and countless netizens have discussed the matter, “I don’t understand the ball”, I’m occupying the comments of Cameron – Jordan Social Media for a while. Area. Under the attack of the masses, Kameron Jordan felt huge pressure, he had to bow down to compromise. So he released a clarification and tweel, indicating that he is only doubts that it can be directly selected in the first round of celebrities. In addition, there is no idea.

“Honestly, I just think that he can vote through the first round of celebrities, I don’t know, there is no prejudice,”

In any case, the possibility of the big book is absolutely bitter than Kamelon – Jordan. Bottomized 6 times, selected all star professional bowl, three times into the super bowl to win two championships, 143 wins in the regular season, the third, the pass number 55527 yards in the NFL history, the 6th, 359 passengers In history, these honors and data are definitely able to bring large to the famous hall. If it is big, it is a four-point guard, which is probably the benevolent seeing the benevolence, but it should never fall out of the top five or four points. Cameron Jordan said it is not as good as Elays Manning, although it is not like Little Mantin MVP, but look at the two quarter-off conditions, I want people to mind. There has been a unified answer.

Next, the steel man will go to New Orleans to challenge the Saint team, and the steel man needs to continue to impact the playoffs in a victory, and it is more victorious to block the questioner’s mouth.

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