Run away 9-10 lost to visit the cavalry Odor baking three-point guns make your opponent no longer shine

On September 12, Beijing time, the radiance challenged the cavalry in the Alington baseball field. This is the second battle between the two parties of the game. The first seat, although the tourist has not been in the season of the season, but still wants to maintain more than 50% of the winning rate.

This game, the rays sent Pluett, and the tourist was sent to Hurado first. The radiance took the initiative to get the competition, and the tournament immediately completed the anti-super, and the two sides came to me until the seven games Last Odor’s three-point gun laid the final victory of the game, even if Cui Zhiwan finally played the Yangchun cannon Unable to change the result, the final ray 9-10 extinguished at the home of the visitors.

Data highlight

In terms of light, Cui Zhiwan showed excellent feel, and two second bases were played, and two home runs to win the four points; visit the cavalry, Ododor has four hysteres. , A three-point gun, help the team against superior.

Game process

In the first half of the first game, Tommy fan hook out a second base to send back to the brigade to lay a score for the light, Cui Zhiwan selected the first base of the report station, then Dafei knocked out the Chinese and foreign wild landland, Tommy – Fan Chong returned home base to ran back. After the attack and defensive, the tourist strike wandered to take the attack, and the Rarhn knocked out the right foreign country to help the ride cavalry to returned, and Mazara was immediately knocked out to make a score, Santana The length of the top left foreign field is straight to the forefront; the first bureau is over, the tour will reverse the rays.

In the second half, the end of the rays did not weakened the attack momentum, Eredia, Adamis knocked out the second base to help the division, the round back front, the rays, the radiance, the battle, Cui Zhiwan Head of a large three-point gun and chased score.

In the fourth place, Midos knocked out to attract the first base package, De Arnold and Cui Zhiwan were launched, and the Dafu knocked out the Sino-foreign wild to sacrifice high flying ball, Mitos ran back to the home. The lower level is divided, and the radiance is re-adopted.

In the upper half of the seventh game, the ride wander was taken to capture the package. In the face of one, the second, the second, the second, the second base, Odor’s speed of Anderson’s speed of the homes, a three-point gun to help the cavalry again score.

In the top half of the nine bureau, the last attack, Cui Zhiwan single field cannon, add one point for the team, but unfortunately, the subsequent player has been caught out, and the anti-super-super script failed.

Both parties

Tampa Bay

Wyndel’s second base

2. Tommy Fan designated blow

3. Countdo left farmer

4. De Arnold Catcher

5. Cui Zhiwan

6. Dafi three base

7. Kehen – Wang Right

8. Eredilla’s Chinese and foreign wilder

9. Admes guerrilla

Texas Cavalry

Autumn Credit Specify

2. Andrews three bases

3. Carlhn left outer wilder

4. Mazara right outside

5. Sarak’s three bases

6. Santana’s Chinese and foreign wilder

7. Odor 2rd

8. Gutzman

9. Trevino catcher

Next look

When the light is at the end, McKa is sent to the board. This season will be 2 wins and 3 losses 5.03 self-blame in blame; the rider will send a pitcher is Arad, and 4 wins and 0 losses this season. The rays are currently ranked in the first seat of the United States. It will be impacted to the quota behind the playoffs, can’t have a slack. Although the visitors have not played the playoffs, but still hopes to keep more than 50% of the winning rate, so that they do not live up to the expectations of the fans, and they don’t want the season to be retended. Both parties will be strive to win the game for their own goals.