Roy Keene and Grem Sones are very bad in the evaluation of the thermal thorn

After Saturday 0-3 lost to Manchester United, Roy Krat and Guse Sornis were very bad in the evaluation of the thermal thorn. Thermal thorn fans attacked their coach Nuo Espi Mountain in the game, shouted “You don’t know what you are doing”, and expressed their feelings in the audience. . The Portuguese looks like a person who is sentenced, his today’s today english news paper team has no teeth in the attack, in 90 minutes, no target, the fans’ patience has been exhausted.

Thermal thorn can rely on a victory to enter the top four, but this is never talking on the paper. There are 5 wins in their top 10 games, the challenge of the Champions League seems to surpass this team. Christiano Ronaldo, Eddingsen Cavani and Marcus Rushford’s 3 latest news of india goal fell to the eighth in the Premier League.

According to reports, Antonio Confi is preparing to take the deteanan, and “Daily Telegraph” insists that he “dismisses immediately” and negotiated today. Talking about the performance of the Trianda, Karn said: “The thermal thistle is very bored. They look very bored. You are watching the game, they are the aaj ka samachar hindi mein main team, you think the stadium seems to be empty. Say, that point energy Why do you have some bug on Harry Kah, because his performance does not meet the standard. But Tottenm is hot, you are looking for some urgency. I can’t believe that they have more. ”

Another authority Sones added: “There is no shot. They (fans) will take a depressed team, they want to know where this team will go this year. This seems very obvious At the middle of the middle. ”

After the game, asian net tamil news Nouo admitted that the thermal thorn was not good enough. He said: “We don’t play, Manchester United is strong. We lost the ball in a bad way, lost the ball, allowed to counterattack, we can really break them. We have not found it. Bottom line and combination, did not find support when we long shot. We have a little better in the second half, but the last pass google news chennai and end have never appeared. We are trying to find solutions and support players and work hard on training Work, no other choice. ”