Review Gronard career: honor and injury dance

On March 25, Beijing, the new England Patrioper Near Termond Robs Gronzki announced his ending of his 9-year-old career after making a long time with the inner thought. When Gelong was full, when the NFL near the end of the NFL was finally retired, Gulong also wrote a “smile driving” for this NFL rivers and lake.

There is a laughter of the sea, and the two sides of the strait, the floating and sail, only remember the present, and the sky laughed, and there were lives in the world, who losing the sky. Compared to when Gronoski left the patriots and even the alliance, it would be a quiet and calm attitude. Since the long-lasting, Gulong has repeatedly fighting here. 3 super bowls, 5 times into the professional bowl, 4 times a year in the best lineup. Since joining the patriot in 2010, a total of 79 reacons, reaching the number of near-end Arms first, in 2011, the 17th time of the leading alliance, creating the history of near-end single season Record. Career 115 regular season, the ball is 521 times to advance the 7861 yard. The 16-game playoff completed 81 battles to promote 1163 yards and 12 times, these are the historical records of near-end. Today we will review the career of the next Gulong.

On May 14, 1989, Gronoski was in Amherst, New York, USA. He is a boy in the eyes of parents and friends, and the five brothers in the family are ranked fourth. Father Gordon has a chain fitness retail store. At the same year, he also turned his rugby in the University. He was a member of the 1924 Paris Olympic US bicycle team. In short, this family has excellent sports talent, Gelron. Cosky is no exception.

When reading elementary school, an accidental opportunity, Gronard came into contact with rugby. But at that time, the football was a rushing collision. It didn’t have a brain. It seems that it is about to see blood immediately, then a one-time boring game. When the game is watching the game, every time I saw the player didn’t ran a few yards, I was already hugged. The heart of Geron was basically collapsed. He thought: Will you run around? There is a road there!

Groner first truly rugby, playing with waistball. In the past, he found that rugby is a dangerous and blood movement. As long as you have to challenge it, break through it, you will have your heart to master it. Slowly Gronard began to make American football, high school by his father to Williams Northern Middle School, where Gulong became a bisens of players of rugby and basketball.

At that time, Greelong was present, but it cited the wind. Although the data is general, all the scouting can see the child’s talent that is overbearing. In 2007, many schools have given the olive branches, and finally he Choosed the University of Arizona. Entering universities, Gelron accepts more professional strive than ever. Push 525 yards and get 6 times in the big part of the season, have selected a number of media selection of the whole American new life. In the big two seasons, Gronard was out of the three games, but the performance was further, got 672 yards and 10 times.

At the same time, due to the back injury, Gronard lacks the entire third season, which affects his draft market to a certain extent. In 2010, Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Billi, who is eye-catching, will bring Gron to New England in the second round of the draft meeting.

In 2010, Gronard is still working hard to adapt to the rhythm of the professional stadium, finally cut three times in the 9th week of Pittsburgh steel person, becoming the NFL history, 3 times in the new show The youngest player. The whole 2010 Gronard was shocked by the patriot, completed 42 times, got 546 yards and 10 times, and became the neighborhood of NFL history.

In the 2011 season, Gronard continued to dedicate the explosion output. In the 16 games, there were 2 reacons, of which in the 13th week of the game, the NFL history near-Term-side game reached the record. In the season, Gronard completed 91 battles, and promoted 1329 yards mad 18 records, the latter two data were the best performance in NFL history. That year, Gulong let the entire league shocked, so many NFL brick houses called him “the perfect finished product of the laboratory” or “masterpiece of the football”, under the explosion output of Geron, patriot The regular season 13 wins and 3 losses, and the playoffs will also pass the way, until the superb bowl meets a team called New York Giants, everyone knows, Gel Lung’s team is only 2 The ball got 26 yards, and the patriot eventually 17-21 regrets the defeat.

Starting from the season in the 2012 season, Dashong is constantly injured, but as long as he is standing on the court, it is almost blindth, no one can block. For two consecutive seasons, Gronard was fighting with injuries. During his time, he had encountered two forearm bone damage, and did three surgery for this to solve the infection of the forearm and secondary infection, followed by back surgery. After returning to the field in 2013, after the 13th week, I was hurt by Cleveland Security TJ Ward to leave the knee. After the race, the nuclear magnetic resonance was checked as the right knee cross ligament and the inner sub-ligament torn, and the season was reimbursed.

In 2014, Gel Lung finally ushered in a complete season. The patriot has intentionally control the process of Genzhong’s race, and the number of appearances in the first 4 weeks is limited. After that, Gel Lung began to retrieve the state, repeatedly staged a wonderful blessing Among them, 149 yards and 3 times in the game of the Chicago bear team were cut, and the king returned. The whole season, Gronao promoted 1124 yards and 12 times, became the neighborhood of NFL’s history of more than 10 times in the history of more than 10 times, got NFL annual Dongshan again award and full ticket was selected for the year’s best lineup Subsequently, in the 49th Super Bowl, Gronard completed 6 battles, got 68 yards and 1 time to become a patriot 28-24 defeated the defending champion Seattle Hawks to win the championship.

However, the good looks, and Geron encounters injuries in the next two seasons, so that the season reimbursed. The 2017 season Gran returned again, and the regular season will be cut down 1084 yards and 8 records, but also selected the first lineup of the Alliance. In the end of the year, Gel Lung’s performance is in the eyes. He is the union history of the milled close-up, is one of the most effective assistants in Braddy. Healthy german is the most difficult to block the killing. It can easily win a great data. People around the world know that he is the first ball goal of Bradi, but what is this? Even if you guess, you have no choice.

In the 2018 season, Gron still maintains healthy and acts as a strong assistant of Braddy. Although he has declined in the ball on the court, he can replace it in an offense such as opening, and unpacking. The Braddy seasons have almost never encounter, and Giron has a lot of credits. The 53rd super bowl, when the patriot and the score of the score, it is the first to help the patriot to get the first remedy in front of the front area.

I still remember that the general manager of the next year, Steve Kiim was commended by Gold Lung, which said that the alliance has no perfect close-end strike. Now the near-end peach is not a large child who will not stop, it is only Blocking a false front player who does not catch the ball. It can be said that Gelong’s appearance, completely reshapes the location of the near-end.

The heavy sword is no longer, and it is uncomfortable. This is the story of “Blue Giant” Greater, I believe me, this guy can make more things. In recent years, the rumors about Groner must retire, the 2018 break, even if they are traded to the Detroum Lion, Glona Leaves “There is no Braddy, I don’t go”, I will stay for retirement team. After the end of this season, Gulong passed the news that he had to retire, but all of us did not want to believe that this is true. For a long time, Gronard has created many brilliance in the patriots, and wrote immortal legends. Today, Dashong will leave NFL.

Dagelong is like a lot of fox, and it is fixed after the rivers and lakes. Riding a white horse, with a beloved Ren Yingying playing a song of Swordsman, leaving this dispute, the NFL martial arts, which is stasible, that is, how is it. There is no need to fight in the martial arts of the wind, the swords and swords of the rain.

Although Gulong left, NFL still streamed his legend. It’s better to forget the rivers and lakes. Dacheng will refund, but no one can forget the glory of his light!

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