Revenue and risk coexisting NFL unique privileged tags know?

February 28 (Wen / ESPN Kevin Seifert Compile / White) The moment of the Kansas City chief to raise the superb bowl trophy, means that the league offset is officially started. Although the end of the super bowl is not surrounded, the first window of the player is quietly opened.

Each team starts using privileged labels

From local time, on February 25th, until March 10, NFL’s various teams can use privilege labels to leave an important player who don’t want to give up but not talk. After the player is posted on the privileged label, you can choose to accept the contract, or choose a refusal contract, continue to press the team to sign a better contract in summer.

The privileged label allows the team to have strategic players who are very important but will enter the free market. Usually, it is prepared for those players who have a very important player of the team. For those who are about to become a free player, it is not enough to be labeled in the case of long-term agreement with the team.

What is a privileged label?

The privileged label is NFL to set up a team who wants to keep the contract is about to expire. It is managed by NFL players, once the contract, the contract will be fully guaranteed. The privilege label is divided into two: exclusive privileges and non-rowless privileges.

Exclusive franchise tag means the team must provide a one-year contract for this player, no less than the average salary for next season with the position of the five highest salaries of players, or 120% of the player’s salary the previous year, in the above-mentioned two Wage whichever is higher. Be labeled exclusive franchise tag players with other teams and agents ban on transfer contact, the label is also the most expensive.

Non-exclusive franchise tag means the team must offer the player a contract year, no less than the salary for the past five years, the average of five highest average salary in the same position, or 120% of the player’s salary the previous year, above higher wages prevail in two. The difference is that being labeled a non-exclusive franchise tag players and other teams may be in contact, but if the player reached an agreement with the other teams, your team has the right to match the original contract; if your team did not match contract the losing player will get two first-round picks as compensation. In general, non-exclusive franchise tag most widely used.

At the same time, there are franchise tag is valid, if before July 15 this year, between the players and the team still have not negotiated a new contract, then the team and players can automatically switch to become a one-year contract. If the player and the team is really wrangling, do not want for the team, then the player can, like Le Weiang – as choose to own a vacation Bell. But if so, the players not only can not get wages, have bet on its future, such a situation is extremely rare.

As long as players do not sign the contract, you can undo this tag team, this situation occurred in the history of a total of seven times. The team is doing on a Carolina Panthers, star cornerback Josh – Norman unwilling to take a pay cut for the home team, so before the 2016 NFL Draft week becomes an unrestricted free agent, Redskins eventually signed a five-year 75 million fertilizer around. Franchise tag affixed not easily take off, once off the player will become a free agent.

How many franchise tag

Each team can only use the franchise tag on a player who, but again, the team can also choose not to franchise tag. The team decided whether to use according to their needs privileges to sign, in the past seven seasons, there will be an average of six per year franchise tag.

Franchise tag affixed players will not necessarily sign a new contract with the team, according to statistics, over the past 44-use franchise tag, only 22 players after the successful contract with the team, the probability is 50%. Seven players signed in 2019 signed a privilege to be traded, there are three, two of them in a new team to get a new contract. The Chiefs defensive end Di – Ford traded to the 49ers, then Crawford scored a value where 5-year, $ 87.5 million fertilizer around. In addition, in order to get the Seattle Seahawks Chiefs Frank – Clark, we paid a 2019 first-round pick and a 2020 second-round pick. Mubarak then later signed a huge contract with Emirates, the value of five-year $ 105.5 million.

Franchise tag can be used continuously, the minimum contract amount the second year is the first year of 120%; if the third year in a row use the same franchise tag on a player, the lowest amount in the second year of the contract will be multiplied by 144% basis. 2018, the Steelers running back Bell franchise tag contract for the second consecutive year. In 2017, Bell got $ 12.12 million through the franchise tag, and the second franchise tag affixed Hou Beier salary of $ 14.54 million. However, Bell stubborn strike home truce a year later to the New York Jets.

Is not rare in a row to the same player franchise tag affixed it? In fact the number of times it happens more than you might think, since the franchise tag of 27 seasons in the league for the first time since 1993, this had happened a total of 16 times, happened five times since 2011, including Brown’s kick players – Phil Dawson, Cowboys linebacker Anthony – Spencer, ram’s horn Wei Trudeau Mayne – Johnson, Redskins quarterback Kirk – Kirk Cousins ??and Bell.

But for two consecutive years been labeled franchise tag means that the player will be faced with three consecutive years of the contract, the slightest mistake, payroll under a long contract will be shrunk a lot, after all, in many locations, the football player’s career longevity very short.

2020 or face the franchise tag player

This year ESPN to you a list of 21 possible franchise tag affixed players, including: linebacker Shaquille pirates – outside Barrett, cowboy took Amari – Cooper and quarterback Dakota – Rene Scott special, Steelers linebacker Bard – Dupree, Rams linebacker Dante small – Fowler, outside the Tigers took over AJ Green, lightning Everett Hunt – Henry, chiefs defensive tackle Chris – Jones, crow line David Matthew – Zhu Teng, Redskins offensive guard Brandon front – Jeff, Mustang security guard Justin – Simmons, Titans quarterback Ryan – Tannehill and pirates quarterback Demis – Winston, etc. Wait.

2020 privilege to sign a contract worth? Now I can not count, but we can refer to last year’s price: US $ 24.885 million quarterback, running back to $ 12.14 million, to $ 16,787,000 wide receiver, tight end US $ 10,380,000, US $ 14,067,000 offensive line players, defensive end 1712.8 $ 50 million to $ 15.209 million defensive tackle, linebacker US $ 15,443,000, US $ 16,022,000 cornerback, safety guard US $ 11.15 million, kicker / punt hand of $ 4.971 million.

Some teams like to use the franchise tag on special. In the franchise tag appears since 27 years, pony, Chiefs and Seahawks tied for first use 11 times, Texans, Falcons and most do not like Brown is the team’s franchise tag, are 2, 3 twice, three times.

What are the most valuable position if it is to know, then franchise tag is a good study spot. According to statistics, since 1993, a total of 30 offensive line players, 29 defensive end and 26 defensive tackles become privileged signings. During the same period, only four punt hand, 10 quarterbacks, 11 tight end and running back 12 to be labeled privileged sign. In general, management believes striker who cost is much higher than other locations.