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Alon Rogers have been suffering from toe injuries since repeating. In this week, the Green Bay package is very serious in the game of Mingnesota, and his injury is very serious, so that he did not finish him in the first half.

At that time, Rogers may think that the packaging worker does not return to the ball, so he leaves in advance. The bagless defensive group succeeded in defending the opponent’s offensive. When the momentum to the package, the team can only send the four-point Wei Qiao Dan – Leff and end the last attack.

In an interview, Rogers still reluctant to disclose more details about his toes injury, but it is said that the situation is worse than the grass. ” If there is no whole week, the situation will not improve. The packaging workers have to usher in the mainstay of Los Angeles ram at home before usset.

“I have to wait until the rest, I have the opportunity to make my toes are resting. Weekly maybe my training program is like this week. I feel very painful when the game, so I have to leave before the end of the first half, the situation is very Early. I feel very painful this week, will be the same next week. Perhaps the situation will be improved after a week. “

Therefore, Rosgers will not appear on the training ground. Last week, he only participated in the team’s training, which can also explain the reasons why he is slow on Sunday.

Even if you endure the pain of your toes, he still handed a 385 yard, 4 times the excellent performance of the 4-time Daren, including 2 minutes, 08 seconds, Max – Waldess Sis Canterlin, pushing 75 yards to complete the gods of the reached the score.

From the first half of the way, the therapeutic effect accepted by Rogers at noon is immediate. The 3-wave attacked Rogers completed the reachaes, except for the time of Scantelin, and the other two times were passed to Direte-Adams. This game Adams has pushed 115 yards. It is unfortunately that the package of the package is not open, the first 4 waves are only 3 points.

At the primary coach, Matt-Laverle, said: “The second half of our offensive found rhythm, our offensive choice is more active, the implementation is also in place. In the game, we have a lot of places to play a lot. Of course, there are several waves to attack us should It is better to end. “

The packaging worker’s defensive group did not continue before. After the team hits the score, there is no to stop the last wave of attacks. Viking outside Jiausin – Jefferson faced the second-line defense for the packaging worker, 8 times, completed 169 yards, completed 2 times.

“This season’s defensive group has always played very well, some of the big wars you must have to exceed your opponent. Today we have the opportunity to take 40 points, when your opponent is hot, there are 1 extensive When the hand and running guard, you have to score. In the past few years, we have encountered such a situation. We won before, today didn’t do it. We have to enter the state faster, and there are several waves to attack us. The opportunity to get up to the reach. I believe that in the face of the ram, Rover will have targeted preparation. “

This game is a bigger blow to the package. The head of the team’s main force David – Bachtiari needs to wait until the rest can be repeated. In the face of the powerful rushing pressure of the ram, the offensive front line of the package will undergo harsh test.