Red Socks defending the road to add a shortage of butterfly pitcher Wright because of the stimulant is banned 80 games

Text / ESPN translation / Zhang Zihan

Boston Red Sox Butterfly Pitcher Steven Wright was positively presented in positivity due to stimulants. The Great Alliance issued a statement, and Wit was detected by growth hormone release peptide 2 (GHRP-2) positive.

The Boston Red Socks immediately held a press conference, Steve Witi said that the stimulant test was detected before the MLB spring training, and the results have been appealed.

“I don’t know how this material enters my body,” Wright said. “But it is my responsibility. I still have to face anyway, I still have to face.” Because Wright did not prove that he did not intend to take stimulants, MLB is likely to maintain the original judgment, punish Wright 80 games for the game.

“I can only accept it, I can only go forward,” Wright said. “The ban is too frustrated. Since the proceeds have been accepted, I have been working hard. Before the start of the Spring training, I feel that my body has just returned to the injury. But the lunar season drug test gives me too big. “

It is reported that Wright’s 80-game ban will begin in the 2019 regular season. At the same time, due to the use of banned drugs, Wright is not qualified to participate in the playoffs this season. Boston Red Socks also published in the official website: Boston Red Sox Fully supports the work of MLB’s drug inspection. Although we are disappointed with Wright’s news, we also hope that at this moment, Steve Witt provides appropriate support to prove his innocence.

Steve Wright walks in MLB relying on him to change the strange butterfly ball

Steve Wright walks in MLB relying on him to change the strange butterfly ball

The 2016 season is selected for all stars, Steve Leart, received left knee surgery last year, and 15 games were banned by MLB last year. Late last season is not good, only four debuts and six rescue appeared, then after the knee injury is injured in late June, until September before the start of the playoffs is officially returned. Although the data of 3 wins and 1 defeated 2.68 looks beautiful, Wright in November is also accelerated to eliminate injuries.

In January of this year, Wright and Red Sox signed a one-year contract with a contract amount of $ 1,375,000. The transaction avoids MLB official salary arbitration.

“In addition to disappointment or disappointment,” Red Socks Total Coach Alex – Cora is being interviewed by the media after being banned by Wright. “The team did not expect this sudden situation. We will adjust in the new season of the new season.”

Matt - Barnes is very likely to take over the redddle team terminator

Matt – Barnes is very likely to take over the redddle team terminator

The sirloin of the Red Sox is still the biggest question mark of the defending world series. Scorpion Wang Jinbreier and Fireball Men Joe – Kaili sent a free market, the red socks of the cowshed won, and the most important pitcher was less.

Davis East Robsky, president of baseball, said last month, now the reddock team salary has reached the limit, so it is not likely to spend a lot of money on the terminator. This means that this will be able to fall to Lan Bresell, Matt – Barnes or Taylor – Soenberg.