Red before single-game record 117 yards Heisman winner stepped in to lead the team to win

Baltimore Ravens come to a crossroads, 4-5 record means to lose a game and say goodbye to the playoffs. The team’s defensive set some of the problems, and the problem is much larger than the group of offensive defense group, at this critical moment starting quarterback Joe – Flacco injured, 32-year overall pick Lamar – Jackson stepped in. Menacing face the Cincinnati Bengals, his only win to save the team.

Lamar – Jackson this season is only as an unconventional offensive weapon, also played wide receiver played running back, but he has stressed that he is a quarterback. In today’s game against the Tigers, Jackson provided the impetus for the offensive team struggling to score and take a 24-21 victory ended the team three straight. Jackson to play a trial of people think of a legendary quarterback – – Michael Vick.

Stepped in to replace Jackson had 41 consecutive starts of Flacco playing games. 19 single-game pass 13 in advance 150 yards 1 steals. 27 times the ball 117 yards popped washed away. Size 4.3 yards, rushing yardage both the number and the audience first. According to ESPN statistics, Lamar – Jackson is the first out of the quarterback since 2016 over 100 yards in the game, on a quarterback out 100 yards Colin – Capet Nick (113 yards). 117 yards also created history Ravens quarterback single-game rushing yardage record, before the highest single-game rushing yardage Ravens by Tailuo De – Taylor maintained that he had in 2012, December 30 against the Tigers game out of 65 yards. In addition, single-game rushing the ball 27 times, which is the highest since 1999, the number of rushing the quarterback single-game record.

Led the Ravens to win the first 35 days, in addition to Jackson demonstrated a remarkable ability to move and speed than in passing also can finish the fight quickly by hand. His debut boost morale, to the fans left a deep impression. Crow’s record is currently 5-5, and Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins points tied for the American League with a sixth, there is a good chance to compete for a wild card. According to statistics given by ESPN, if the game Ravens defeated the Tigers, the 4-6 record will get them into the playoffs probability dropped to 7.7%.

Of course, the 21-year-old quarterback, the game did not get touchdowns also slightly less. His first pass even hit the side of the helmet offensive line players, the game’s only major mistake in the second half once the first wave of the attack, was Jackson’s pass directly steals the Tigers defensive front, Bengals also take advantage of this the conversion is complete ball touchdowns. But in the next two waves of attack, the Jackson team made all the touchdowns, helping the team seal the victory 24-21.

Jackson’s how strong rushing ability? In addition to endurance enough, according to game NFL Next Gen Stats data given show, Jackson reach a top speed of 10 miles / hour, which is the quarterback of the season in the fastest. Leave it at Crow is now hopeful the team into the playoffs the case, who in the next game when quarterback. It is reported that Joe – Flacco does not need surgery on his injured ass, perhaps he will miss the home game against the Oakland Raiders in the November 25 game, but after the game the injury is also a good agile.

For the Ravens, this is really a happy trouble. Jackson, though risky, but his presence does bring different things to the offensive team. With Jackson’s first episode, the season five first-round pick quarterbacks are all starting debut and led the team won it all.

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