Recently, the NBA enters the final stage, is staged “Dragon Quest”, Curry is a representative of the Basketball in the 21st century, and he has a variety of honors, and A precise shooting in one hand is constantly improving the opponent. The most important thing is that Kuri is young, and he has the opportunity to break more records. But before the official participating in NBA, Curry actually played a good baseball.The father of the queue has said that the media said that it is a professional baseball player is his own dream and the Lugli has also likes the baseball from the little ear. If you have become a baseball player, I don’t know if the library will also become the NBA star. When I received MVP, I also said that my basketball technology far exceeds the baseball, but from the small to big, I have always taken into account for two sports to let myself know my physical characteristics, and say that the baseball gives him more confidence. If it is not a comprehensive impact of various factors, it is already a super superstar of MLB in the library.Father Yin Live Your Eleasant Choice Basketball is selected by the MLB teamThe father of Curry named Dell-Cali (Dell), was an NBA role player, which appeared in shooter. Dell’s favorite exercise is a baseball, but the tired of the Yinar is engaged in basketball. The fans of the NBA Golden State Warriors may thank Dell, otherwise it may be engaged in the baseball movement today. However, don’t worry too much, and Curry has also worn on the MLB Warrior jersey, but the team is called Atlanta Warriors.When you were a child, Curry was practiced in the NBA Stadium and his father.”When I recall the past, I often think if I try the baseball,” Dell said, “I have thought that I have to be stronger in the baseball before I haven’t entered the professional sports, but I finally had a bad thing. Engaged in basketball. “Dell was seriously considered to engage in baseball, but his basket is too crowded, and it is involved in the basket. He NBA career 16 has a total of 1245 three-pointers, and this special is also deeply influenced with today’s “Godjener” Curre.”When high school, my baseball technology is very highlighted.” Dell recalls, “I picked the ball very good, when the university, I learned to change the ball, propelur and curballs. The ball speed has exceeded 90. I at that time Also high and thin, muscles, if they have become more tacted. I really think that I can be entered into the big alliance. “Dell – Curry Baseball Star CardIn 1982, Dell, as a high school student was selected by the MLB swimming army in the election of the draft, but he chose to the Virginian artist to study, and participate in two sports in baseball and basketball. In 1985, MLB Jinya team selected it in the 14th round. “If I have to engage in baseball, I will go in high school.” Dell said, “I know, I will go to the university basketball. The golden team chose me, that is just that I will prevent yourself from caught the basketball career, because Baseball is always my alternative. “Dell’s university basketball played the wind, in 1986, the first round of the first round, he was selected by the Utah jazz team. “I remember my father (Grandpa in Curry) told the media at the time, ‘he won’t sign, he would return to the university campus to continue playing baseball.’ And I have signed with jazz next day.” 1991 At that time, Dell, which was effective in the Herrotte Yellows, in the boss George – San, and his own small alliance team Gastonia tour, the cavalry team was a spent, he played 3 games, knocked 3 , Only 1 point, this grade is quite good for Dell in the baseball field for a long time.Hand-eye coordination is the biggest advantage Kuri can become a baseball field.From 1988 to 1998, Dell’s Effective Bee 10 years, Charlotte also condensed all memories of Kuri childhood. It is because Dell is still persistent in the baseball outside the basketball court, and the Curi has already contacted the baseball movement early.”Stephen (Curi) has played a time aau baseball. He was very flexible on the court. It is good at preparation of different positions. The ball is very good.” Dell recalls.Recalling life in Charlotte is often in the life of Charlotte, he has never forgotten there. Warriors are a passenger, he will go to visit friends and relatives. At the end of last year, Curry had sunned the old photos of the baseball in the social media. The library in the photo is a posture ready to hit the ball. Unlike fathers, Curre has appeared in the baseball field, and the location is switched between China and China.According to the library, Bob, Davidson University, Bob – Mike Kelip, if you enter the duty, you will have something. “I saw Stephen (Curi), he was 10 years old, he was already a very good baseball hand at the time.” Mikekil Pu said, “believe me. His strength is enough to play Enter the big alliance. He hits the Chinese and foreign wilders and guerrillas. In the wild, he switches between the field. “Thanks to the baseball, the Curi Golf swing is also very chic, the level is very good.Danny Anji, president of the NBA Boston Celtic team, who has played MLB and NBA, said: “I think Stephen has a very excellent brain, end-facing attitude and excellent hand-eye coordination I think he can easily become a baseball hand, a professional guerrilla or a three base, or the Chinese and foreign wilder. If he is engaged in the baseball in the early years, it is estimated that it is already very successful. “Anji believes that the global coordination of Curry is the biggest advantage of Become Baseball. “His hand-eye coordination on the baseball game will be as good as he is on the NBA, I know that his golf is also very powerful, that is, it is easy to get started with his sports.”Japanese duty rod kicking crazy _ _ is the defending champion fan?With excellent hand-eye coordination, even if you can pick up the baseball, you can get started with the baseball, even when he is not familiar with the baseball field.During the Asian period of Asia, the library is also selling the giant team, and the big show, when the big show, he wear the custom baseball glove with SC30, and the whole sho is easy and finally The lower pitcher is still cheering. From the splendor, the homestream distance is 60 feet of 6 inches (18 meters 4), the Curi’s pitch is very smooth, and there is no pause. It can be foreseen if he is full of efforts to videody. If you don’t have a good love for baseball, it is difficult to maintain such excellent skills.Serious Curre, in front of the boys, you can see his baseball basics from his actions, and hold the ball into the cracked gloves. After the cowshed, the giant coach high bridge was sent to the library by stretching 30 giant jerseys, while Curi also signed on the jersey from the high bridge.When the kick is officially kicking, Kuri is relaxed to stand on the hands of the hand, 97 km / h, the inner corner of the four stitch speed balls, the hopper, and the attachment of the attachment. Japan’s commentary said that this is also a very tempting player in the official game, and Curries are very good.Curry participates in MLB slow motionIn addition to maintaining excellent baseball skills, the Curre is still concerned with the game. Last year, MLB Mencona Sublims Saipoton socks were eliminated after New York Yangji, Curri sent blessings on social media and hoped that their celebrations were more. Curry is born in Aklen, Ohio, and has grown in Charlotte, and Father Dell is born in Cleveland, Charlotte, Milwaukee and Toronto, without a city with Boston. Since then, the library is selected by the NBA Golden State Warriors, then moves to the Bay Area, where the MLB team is the San Francisco Giant. So where is the red hose plot in the library?According to the information, the high school classmates in Curry Daniel Bad once served in Boston’s red socks, but this did not become the cause of red socks. According to the book in the library, this matter will be traced back to the young brother Seth – Curi (Release of the Seventh Seventh) to watch the past.Curry once appeared in the United States Federation Red Socks VS Space Man”The time I have grown in my childhood, the nearest MLB team from us is Atlanta Warriors.” Curry said, “But my brother began like Yang Bi team from 6 to 7 years old. Then I will choose his opposite I chose red socks. After that, I have been paying attention to the red hose competition. I am very interesting to this fans with your brother. “According to the roommate at the University of Qu Li, the current business partner, and also the red sats fans of Brandte – Balmily, Curry has arranged their own single Han party in Boston, because they can visit the home of Red Socks. Fenwei Stadium And they really went.