Qingdao is a championship of the National International School Basketball League CSAA Qingdao to win the school’s international department!

Passionate, blood. On November 26, the CSAA National International School Basketball League Qingdao District finals in Qingdao to the school gym. Qingdao’s temporary people of the international part of the school will not be expected, winning the victory of the Qingdao Finals 83-135, contributing to the audience a wonderful battle!

It is understood that the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com National International School Basketball League was held by CSAA (China Student Athlete Association – National Student Sports Union). On October 22, on the opening ceremony, the first battle of the International Basketball Team will take the first battle with a 50-fold big bit, and then the pass is all the way, the whole wins, the first, total division of Qingdao The national first achievements rushed into the finals, and since the start of the competition, we since the beginning of the competition.

The victory is inseparable from the efforts of the team, but also benefits from Qingdao to the school’s attention to physical education for many years. Take the “Double Reduction” Dongfeng, “Sports Integration”, adhere to the cultivation of students’ interest and physical exercise, and continuously enrichment and improve the school professional sports projects and sports activities.

In order to make a good intention of cultivating students from the international ministries, the school’s international ministry will make sports full of fun through colorful courses. Daily P.E. Classes and Activities Sports Class and Sports are one of the most popular courses from the international department. Tightly around KDL Sports & Health Series, Qingdao sets football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, archery, swimming, badminton, table tennis, aerobic fitness, etc. to make students find more sports in Qingdao International Department. Suitable for your own interest points; open sports associations and adhere to the weekly organizational group construction activities, let students experience happiness in sports, learn to cooperate, exercise leadership.

“Complete personality, the first in sports”, this is the educational advocation of Cai Yuanpei, China, in 1919, as early as 1919. Sports is the most indispensable and best-inquiry in morality in morality.

In order to make a constantly innovation and exploration in the field of physical fitness training in the school, regularly organize track and field sports meetings, interesting parent-child sportsmen, parent-child basketball games, international school alliance cup football competitions, etc., enabling students to cultivate in activities and exercise Confident sports quality; at the same time, parents also invite parents to participate in parent-child interaction, form a good “home school society” physical education environment.

In addition, in the educational concept of diversified, multi-diverse exports, multi-diverse education, Qingdao provides a larger stage for the children of “Shoulding Technical”, leading to the provincial competition for Ming students. The specifications of the provincial contest, the tight of the schedule, the strength of the opponent, is the test for students.

However, it is impressed, it is enacted. Leaders at all levels attach great importance to the planning; the training team is highly professional, dedicated. Today, Qingdao has grown into Qingdao track and field school schools, cultivated many sports specialties in the level of the national first-level athletes, sweeping thousands of troops in major competitions, fruitful, becoming a well-known ace teacher, got it Highly evaluation of many professionals. In order to understand the excellent results of the school’s Purgree sports special student, it has achieved the dream of entering the domestic first-class university. This year, a high school class has been admitted to Tsinghua University with sports.

Competitive sports stimulating competition instinct, teamwork, anti-contury skills, strong character and powerful leadership is the most important requirement for future leaders. For the students of the International Department, in addition to the world famous school, in addition to the excellent GPA and standard scores, there is a distance of a high school student and a dream school. In the “American University Admission Formula”, the PrinceTon Review has been announced, sports activities accounted for 8-40 points in the review process of the admissions.

Sport specialties with extremely highlighted strength are one of the most important and preferred admissions groups of world-class universities, especially top universities. Some of the total number of sports specialty students in the world’s colleges and schools accountedpened to 10% -20%, and Changchun vine Alliances and private universities have also reached 15-20%. Harvard University will open one or two hundred places on 40+ projects each year, accounting for more than 25% of the total number of admissions. The overall admission rate of Harvard in 2020 is only 4.92%, while the proportion of sports specialties is 83%.

Everyone is very familiar with the Chinese star forest book is Harvard University graduates. Lin Shuhao high school often represents the school to participate in basketball games, and excellent records, winning many honors for the school, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com is the leader in the high school basketball players in California. When applying for a university, Lin Shuhao applied for all 8 Ivy University, and Stanford University, California University Berkeley, and California Los Angeles, and sent his own game screen to DVD to these schools, and finally Harvard University and Brown University. I admitted to him.

It has always been, Qingdao is the International Department of Ming School adhering to the “Strengthening New Age School Sports Work, and better grants sports integrated education” to help students enjoy fun, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, exercise will “education objectives in physical exercise. Adhere to the development of students’ interest and exercise habits, enhance the development level of sports characteristics in the international department, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
so that students develop brave struggles, hard work, and help students achieve their ideals and dream schools!

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