Publishing will 丨 Calabria: I will never ask the coach what is going to play?

Milan circle

Beijing snapdeal prize department helpline number time on November 4 at 1:45, the Champions League group, AC Milan will pair Porto. Calabria followed the coach Pipais attended the pre-service press conference. He talked about Milan’s change, his progress, and the game of Boermo.

About this game

“We are ready, because this is the last chance we want to continue this season. I think we have this ability and can play a wonderful performance from the game.”

About Milan excellent record in the league, but there is poor record in the Champions League

“I think it is some plot that has led to this rankings, we should not be in this position, but the truth is true. Tomorrow we hope to take out a good performance. In the league, we have achieved good results thanks to every day. Work, we are very confident, tomorrow we will try to prove this again. ”

“There is nothing to say now, today s news in english we must do every detail, unfortunate now is this rankings, because we should get more. Tomorrow will be very important, we have to prove that we are a strong team.”

This season, Milan has improved in tactics. It is very good in the two ends of the attack and defense. Can this help the team achieve good results in the Champions League?

“Yes, we will actively attack, in modern football, this is the most basic, we all believe this, and this kind of game mentality is giving us a good result, hoping to be in the Champions League.”

As a child of Milan, what does the Champions League in San Siro?

“This means a lot. I can have today, because I work hard to work. I hope that there are many fans to come to the course, todays update in india because they are the 12th person we are on the court, I hope we can carry Field wonderful competition, please fans. ”

You grow a lot under Pido Lili

“Yes, we all have the greatest effort. We should all grateful to the coach. He gave us a lot of help. Although we have some effort, our goals and many philosophy are the same. We trust each other, I believe that as long as we go all out, we can finally get good results. ”

What position should you play on the court?

“I will never ask the coach, I am going to play, because this is his job, if needed, I can have more roles. But of course, always playing in the same location will be a piece. Active thing, this will make me more familiar with this location, accumulate confidence, and better help the teammates. In my opinion, this will be a positive thing. ”